Idea - Tournament Winner Strike Towers

Was just thinking of something else that could be interesting to add another PvE aspect to the game.

Well this involves the tournaments, why not have after each tournament Strike Towers show up on the map (or an option in game) to fight a tower based on the tournament winners teams? the tower would be a PvE version of fighting the tournament winner :slight_smile:

Prizes for beating the tower would be DNA based on their team they used during the tournament! But in the case of uniques on the team, obviously I wouldnt expect tons of unique DNA handed out for defeating it, but maybe DNA based on the uniques components?

Could be called “Champions Tower” or something along those lines.


That would be awesome. But it might just be too much work for Ludia…

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If the leap year strike was any indication of indo g2’s strength, those towers will be pretty difficult. (assuming some of them were legendary tournaments.) But I’m always up for a challenge. As long as the towers don’t have boosts. :smile:

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