Idea : Tournaments for everyone

The problem :

I keep hearing people saying this current tournament is not fair at all, that they can’t compete…and this is true.
When the reset occured, everyone from 3500 trophies to 5000 were back to 3500. It means that during the first hours of battles, your opponent could be ranged from 3500 trophies (solid team with epics) to 4500 trophies (serious team with multiples legendaries at level 20) or even 5000 (multiples uniques).
It means that a former 3600 trophies player stand no chance against all this new players. But as the tournament will go, each one will be able to battles people of their trophy level (former 4000+ players will be back to the last arena, leaving slowly the 3500 mark)

A former 4000 trophies player can’t win the grand prize. And it’s fine. Ludia need to rewards players who invest their times and their money into this game. I don’t have any objection about it (my only concern is that cheaters are still here to make us loosing trophies and that’s a bad move but it’s not linked with the format of this tournament).

Solution :

My solution to this : keep this tournament as it but create a new one in parallel with differents rules.
You still do the seasonnal one for your daily incub and chance to be at 4000+ trophies and win a prize but you now have a new one where you can compete equally (because it’s the need I read the most around here).

Description :

Create a tournament with fixed level in brackets : 3 matchs with same levels dino, and if you win you advance to the next stage or else you’re out.
The main problem would be to coordinate players from different part of the world so they could make it a pool and you meet only people from your pool (for example the first 3 days is the pool with everyone : if you win you advance to the pool of 1 wins players. At the end of the 3 days, people who don’t enter or don’t win are out, and the people still here are matched against each other during the next 2 days and so on until there’s only a few of them).
They could even feature the finals between players in a social form to
advertise the game even more !

Detailed rules :

  • You pick 8 dinos as your wish from a limited pool. In battles they will have a fixed level, 26
  • When you launch a battle you are matched against an opponent with the same number of wins than you. You have to win 2 matchs to get the win. All the matchs have to be completed in a row. A failure to do so will result in a game lost.
  • Winners advance to the next stage. Loosers are out.
  • Matchs have to occur during a fixed amount of time (say 2 or 3 days). If you failed to join a match during this time, you are out.
  • Rewards will be based on ranking at the end of the tournament.

Players start with same pool of dinos to ensure a “fairness”. Each one has the chance to win the grand prize regardless of its level.

What do you think about it ? I came with this idea regarding players who are feeling left out. I was at 4800+ trophies pre-reset and I’m looking forward the seasonnal tournament but I still want to include everyone and this could be a solution.

Thanks for reading.


It’s a nice solution and it would keep me interested. Tournament is too hard for low level players like me

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Agreed it would lvl the playing field and then the tournament would prove who is better skill and tactic wise instead of who pays the most.

Yes I think there is room for the two in this game : a place to be rewarded for your investments in the game (time, money) and a place to be rewarded for your skills and tactics

I doubt they would do anything like this any time soon. I would be happy if they would simply make losses to cheaters not count against you.

Yes this would require tweaks to the current system.

And yes they should do something about cheaters to avoid losing trophies to them in totally unfair battles in the main tournament…

Wait you can lose against cheaters and lose trophies because of it ?? That’s really bad design :roll_eyes: