Idea - Zone Rotation

Since its very annoying to have that Suchomimus holding a dance party in your yard every day…even worse considering they aren’t social distancing, but anyway why not have zones actually rotate?

Ill explain, basically as we know there are 4 zones each with distinct dinosaurs, however many are very far away and some of us may never see certain dinosaurs as a result…well my suggestion is to split the time each zone exists over 12 months!
Basically every 3 months, you local zone would change randomly (or set I dunno, up to Ludia) to a different zone…so if you live in Local 4, after 3 months it would become Local 1,2 or 3. Then 3 months later would alternate to one of the other zones that have not already been used.

And there you go, players would not have such stagnant spawns or Suchoroach infestations year round.

But you would need to make sure there is a check in place to prevent a zone that was already selected from being chosen too soon, as you don’t want Zone 4 > Zone 1 > Zone 4 > Zone 1.

Thanks @Ludia_Developers


Thats a great idea. They could even go for monthly change of zones.


Suchomimus is a global spawn, so switching zones wouldn’t help you get away from it anymore.

Really? when did this change? shows how long since ive played lol. Sucho I remember being a L4 pest…the Pidgey of JWA.

Pretty sure it was last update, no sorry it was 1.12.

Went from zone 4 all time spawn to global night spawn.


Oh wow, as a L4 player and hunter I give my condolences to L1, L2 and L3 for spreading our pestilence to the rest of you lol.

But anyway having rotating zones would break the monotony and bring some variety. Its very boring seeing the exact same things day in and day out.

Its like with Pokemon, there was 150 Pokemon (not including Mew) in Red, Blue ad Yellow version, yet 90% of spawns were Pidgey and that Rat thing lol

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My suggestion is that every 3 months the zones shift a long one. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 and so on. Over a year you get to live in each zone.


Ahh good idea, only reason I said random was because if it was linear 1 > 2 > 3 > 4, it may get frustrating when you know its gunna be say 9 months till that good zone comes around (good being the one you want of course).

Though it is always nice having some stability and being able to get into a routine…so yes that might be good ^_^, thanks!

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They should rotate the zones every 3 months and tell us what the rotation order will be. Given its Ludia, it will be a surprise and buggy. Like spawns changing from Local 3 to Local 4 then swapping back.

Good idea, but maybe more frequent changes, like every two weeks

They should rotate linear (1 to 2 2 to 3) every 2 weeks, 7 days in a zone in plenty long enough and it makes hunting more intriguing. For most of us hunting is an afterthought now but at least we’d see new dinos

Yeah the Sucho plague has spread globally.

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I love the idea of a zone rotation. Diplocaulus haunts my zone (3). Sometimes if I happen to be in another zone, I’ll launch the remaining 5 minutes scents I have just so I wouldn’t draw the green little guy. Lol :woman_facepalming:

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I never see Diplocaulus or mono g2 in my range

mono g2 is now global

Diplocaulus haunts the park toilets in my area since it’s not local. It’s kind of hilarious. Though I find the rare koolasuchus there too, or a diplotator.


I would also like to know which zone I’m in. This is just so I can use scents knowing which dino I’m gonna get

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YES YES YES!!! We need to know what zone we’re in!!!

I think this is a great idea! I hope ludia will take this into consideration. For anyone who is in area 2, do you guys see Postimetradon because I live in area 2 and have never seen it, even with the giga scents.

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@Earlidominus @Pradyun_Gaddam It’s easy to tell your zone. What pests do you see all the time?

Majungasaurus, Dime2, Echo at night = zone 1
Dracorex 2, Euoplocephalus, Charlie at night = zone 2
Diplocaulus, Triceratops2, Delta at night = zone 3
Monolophasaurus, Parasourolophus, Scaphognathus at night = zone 4

More info:

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