Idea - Zone Rotation

As someone who lives in zone 1, I am 100% in favor of zone rotation, or at least giga scent zone rotation. Especially during the lockdown time when people are less likely to go to their job which may be in a different zone from their homes.


I’ve been noticing complaints regarding the zones even on their facebook account, so I’m not sure why they aren’t doing anything, or at least addressing our concerns.

They might address this in the new update

Seen in twice in the last week. Both times out of range.

We’ve been asking for this for too long, they either don’t care, or it’s too difficult to program… but they do migrations almost every update, so why don’t they do a major one every time??

Plus, what really concerns me is that with this permian update we’ll get more creatures again, and I can’t really imagine where they’ll put them… I think it’s time that the hybrids stopped spawning to leave some space for new dinos, that’s the only solution I see… we can create hybrids on our own, so why do they also need to spawn?? Maybe then we wouldn’t have so many exclusive creatures, cause they could actually have some space to spawn…


According to your chart of pest that you don’t need I live in zone 3.

As a fellow local 1, I agree as well. Although, I will admit that I would miss my Majunga spawns. She may be a pest, but she’s a welcome pest in my books! Since I see her and Nundasuchus so much, Majundasuchus is hands down my go to hybrid when I’ve got “collect x amount of rare DNA” as a daily mission.

If we talking about the Covid 19 era of requests to rotate, Ludia probably has content update schedules longer than 1 to 2 months lead time.

The request to rotate creatures in general is down to Ludia being happy with status quo as they have been with Boosts and overpriced incs.

I drove around yesterday trying to find a closer spot to park in zone 3 and 4. It is really hard to tell which zone is which with so many global commons. The game knows where we are and an indicator of some kind would sure be helpful. Turning the volume down on globals wouldn’t hurt either. Still waiting for zone themed scents too :pray:

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@RCRiv, it’s easy for me to tell my zone because I have the field guide. But for other players, you have to get a whole new app just to see spawn zones. They should also put the spawn times and locations in the creature description in-game.