Ideal lineup advice

Hey fellow JWA players!

I wanted to get some veteran feedback on lineup advice and which dinos I should be focusing on creating/leveling.

With the new dinos that keep coming along with new hybrids, the top tier dino list keeps evolving.

I’m curious what dinos the veterans like to rollout to get to the top arena and compete with the best?

I’m stuck around Lockwood library and played one match in Gyrosphere Depot once.

Below is my current lineup I have been working on and open to suggestions. I built this lineup based on the tier list a little while back but things have changed a lot and the new top tier are dinos I don’t currently have a lot of DNA for and will take a while to grind!

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I would personally run Thylaco over Spyx. It could just be a personal opinion, but I’ve found that with health and speed boosts that thing kicks butt. The combo of Lethal and Rending is extremely good and I think Erlidominus covers the bits Spyx misses

getting either of the mammoth hybrids (mamola or entelemoth) would be a big bump. i’d replace thor with either one of them at some point.

What’s your boost distribution? If you don’t have any boosts on your Quetz, I’d suggest swapping him out for now. Its level is pretty low especially for library/depot. I use Quetz and it performs well, but it ideally needs to be at or maybe 1 below team level. You can swap in procerarat or indo until you level up your quetz.

Spyx is also tricky, it can get one shotted by a faster erlidom, but I don’t think anything you have would be a solid replacement. I’m also personally against draco and monostego, even thought they’re pretty balanced, they just feel a bit cheap, but feel free to use them if you’d like.

I do like Quetz… he’s not boosted much at all so I may take him out for now. I’ve been trying to avoid boosts all together after the update that changed how boosts were initially set up.

Plus whenever I boost it hurts me more than helps because I end up battling lineups with dinos way higher levels!

I like the mammoth hybrids idea… just sucks that it’s so hard to grind DNA for the mammoth. Sanctuaries don’t give enough and I never see any in the wild…

they’re one of the exclusive dinos. was in the wild for a month or so after release, but nothing since then. It’ll be a long grind in the sanctuary, but it will be well worth it. Mammola is a 1v1 machine and pretty much unstoppable.

Okay That will be one I’ll work on… I’ll have to ask my alliance to start putting them in the sanctuary as one of their 4. Thanks!

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I’m fairly certain that once you hit Library, the game does not take boosts/team level into account. Unfortunately, you may just be getting some bad luck in terms of matchups.

As far as quetz goes, he’s still very good, albeit its nerf hurt. Once you get him to 24 or 25, I’d put him back in your team. Do you know what spawn zone you’re in?

Is there a way to check what spawn zone I’m in? A few months back before I recently moved I noticed the common dino that spawned Aron d my house constantly was diplocaulus.

But the new house I’m in I noticed it’s been mainly Majungasaurus.

Not sure if that’s what you’re referring to?

majung is a local 1 spawn.
This link to gamepress should help as well.

Wow… didn’t know about this before! Thanks for the link to spawn dynamics!

For me to work on Quetz, I should go hang out at an airport and launch a scent capsule hahaha. The only DNA I’m really lacking is for Quetzalcoatlus.

I’m at the bottom end of the library, but something I like to do is keep 2 dinos on my squad with good swap-in abilities. That gives me very good odds of putting all 4 creatures to use in a fight. Thylacotator, Dracocera, and Quetzorion are good ones.