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Ideal park set up?

I’ve just recently reached level 45 ish and I’m starting to notice the stuff in my park is starting to get a little cluttered. I’ve been trying to organize the dinos in rows and keep decorations in between them to keep the percent bonuses high, but I’m starting to run into the problem of random buildings cluttering together and wondering what your designs look like to maximize productivity? Really in terms of everything, dinosaurs, decorations, buildings, what things are worth investing in etc.

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I think you are on the wrong sub-forum. This is Jurassic World Alive.

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Lev 85 and mine is a mess so can’t help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try this thread, Video Episode 18

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There’s also a thread with players sharing all their different layouts. Might be interesting to see how these have changed with the addition of Isla Sorna. I definitely need to just sit down some day and completely redo the organization on mine. It’s pretty well optimized for coin collection at the level I’m at, but would like my revenue towers and beacon used better so I don’t have to do as much individual paddock collection over on IS.

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Keep in mind, as you get more dinos and fill paddocks, building become less useful for the space.

For example, my triceratops paddock is completely full, no more room for evolution. It is boosted at 439% and generates 65,000 coins every five minutes. This outperforms pretty much any building by a long shot.


But you have to check in every 5 minutes…

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Point is, it isn’t a high performing paddock due to time, however, it beats pretty much any building for the space. The best buildings are what, 10,000 coins over 12 hours at base? Pretty much any paddock I have will outpace that without trouble, and triceratops will do it in 5 minutes.

I only have a few buildings left that I dropped on Sorna as placeholders. Dino paddocks are simply better as your collection grows.

Awwww yeaaa!!! I love this!!! @Potato

(The pictures of your park)

Holy cow! Do you find yourself losing interest in the game at all? I often wonder how far I will continue in the game. I still have quite a few dinos to get but it seems like you have pretty much everything and a ton of resources to boot!

To be honest, I very much enjoy the game. I’m at 15 months of playing, 14 as VIP. Some events are a bit of a grind. I don’t have all the dinos yet, and to be honest, my strongest dinos aren’t all that powerful. I just have lots of them. For example:

Getting stronger means less dinos and longer cooldown periods. Plus the DNA cost of some dinos are crazy. I burned off about 200-300,000 DNA today just stocking up on a few hybrids.

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