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Ideal Tryko counter


Hey guys, I would like to share some of my latest experiences connected to the rise of Tryko in the arena. I myself didn’t go for it, since it’s a tyrannosauroid and I always mess up darting those. (I went for Erlidom (a.k.a the turkey) instead and I love my choice btw)

But, what I’ve found out as of late is that an ideal counter for the seemingly invincible Tryko is none other than my level 23…


(Why do I have a level 23 stegocera you ask? I was saving Mono for the purple chicken (R.I.P Mono, your great deeds shall never be forgotten) and I kinda missed the rise of Monotops, but I never liked its facial expresion anyway, not a nice looking dino in my opinion, so it’s fine with me).

So, whenever I see Tryko coming to revenge kill me and I have a Stegocera in my line-up, I put it against it and as of now, no Tryko ever defeated it!

The biggest advantage you have is Tryko’s instant moves working against itself when you stun it. When they instant distract you and you stun them, they lose their next turn. Completely. You get to go 3 times in a row. While they’re out, you use slowing impact and hit them hard. Next move they try another instant move and yet again you stun them. One more free turn and then with another one you can use stunning strike again and so on and so on…

In a not so ideal scenario they don’t use their instant moves, but you stun them anyway (unless you have a streak of bad RNG that this lovely game likes to burden you with sometimes).

But bearing in mind those encounters that I have had, even if they don’t use instant moves at the beginning, towards the end of the fight they get so impatient and so confused with which moves are available to you that you lure those instant moves out of them.

Just wanted ot share this with you guys and spread some love for Stegoceratops, the unspoken hero!


Nice. Or just use Thor.

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Not gonna lie, I expected Trystonix instead of Stegoceratops.


Then you reaise that on even levels, if Tryostronix doesn’t crit with RTC + Rampage, but Tryko does on hers, Tryostronix dies…

It’s so ridiculously broken. I don’t know why that is allowed to happen when Tryostronix supposed to be THE COUNTER to Tryko.


tenontorex is a pretty good counter :slight_smile:


Well it’s kinda like monosteg can’t kill indom at the same level without a crit

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That’s very dependent on the scenario… Fighting head to head, tryko only need to block the 1st hit of slowing impact, and keep spamming DSR for the rest of time.
And sinoceratop can almost bring as much trouble on tryko, but neither is it able to kill it.
When tryko is ready to dsr with full health, all dinos can potentially lose in that matchup except probably tenotorex.

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It depends on the stun to land. When the level difference is close or equal levels, stegocera has to land 2-3 stuns to win. Landing 3 stuns in a row at 75% chance each is actually not easy. If one of the stuns misses, stegocera is history. If the stun became 100% chance, stegocera will be busted.

Safer low tier counter to tryko is suchotator, at least it can guarantee a mutual take down if you play it safe. If you play it risky, it still has a good chance of surviving (as long as tryko doesn’t crit on its big move).

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Yep… having to rely on stuns in this broken RNG game is very risky… If only one misses it’s all over. My Utasino can take down Trykos or at least weaken them a lot. But I have to get at least two stuns with IC… And that rarely happens!