Ideas: Crafting Scent Capsules and Flora


The inclusion of scent capsules is a nice addition, and I’m excited to see how they dole them out over the coming weeks/months.

The idea of specific families of dinos from some scent capsules made me think that it’d be cool if we could craft our own scent capsules.

It’d add a ton of extra play depth, which is generally a good thing.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

You can buy empty scent capsules in one of four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large. This would correspond to two things; 1) how long the capsule lasts, and 2) how much DNA/vegetation can fit in it.

Quick detour here to Flora. Basically, add plants that players can pick up. Lots of different types that ultimately would attract lots of different kinds of herbivore dinos.

This flora would have different rarities too. Grasses and leaves might be common, certain berries and nuts could be rare, and something like coconuts would be epic.

From a map perspective, flora would just be on the map like any other dinosaur. However, interactivity-wise, they’d function somewhere between a supply drop and a dino. That is, your drone could collect a smaller amount of plants from anywhere within your drone range circle (10 units + 1 per level), or you can walk close and get more (30 units + 3 per level). You wouldn’t have to do anything special to get them, just click them and say you want your drone to collect them.

Different flora, when put into capsules, would attract different herbivore dinos; things like leaves would attract the towering sauropods while things like grasses might attract the lower to the ground armored dinos.

Finally 1 unit = 1 dna, for purposes of filling capsules.

Back to capsules.

Small - 100 max dna/units, duration 5 minutes.
Medium - 200 max dna/units, duration 10 minutes.
Large - 400 max dna/units, duration 20 minutes.
Extra-Large - 600 max dna/units, duration 30 minutes.

This is where things get fun.

The default spawn rate would be (assuming all common dna/units) something like 89/10/1 common/rare/epic.

However, by filling capsules with rare and epic dna/flora units, you can increase the odds of rare and epic (and legendary) spawns.

Exact numbers would obviously be balanced by Ludia but I was thinking something like for every 30 rare DNA, odds of rare spawn increase 1%, and for every 15 epic DNA, odds of epic spawn increase 1%.

Legendary dinos could also spawn, but their rates would be very low, something like 1/20th rare rate plus 1/10th epic rate (both above baseline, that is, it increases only based on what you put in).

So if you put 300 rare and 150 epic dna/units (along with 150 common) into an extra-large capsule, your rates would be:
62% common
20% rare
16% epic
2% legendary (1.5% from epic, 0.5% from rare)

Further, just as mentioned above with flora, what kind of dino dna is put into the capsule will help determine what is attracted to the scent. Carnivores will ignore plants, while putting apex predator dna in there might scare smaller dinos and some herbivores. Herbivore dna will attract carnivores, but might vary by type of herbivore. Things like Nodosaurus dna might attract big carnivores, while smaller carnivores might shy away, while smaller carnivores might flock to parasaurolophus.

On the whole, I think this would be a neat idea. Players could craft their scent capsules to attract specific families of dinos, in the hopes of certain specific dinos showing up, and it would add a lot of things to figure out, like what balance of dna/plants will bring what dinos. It would also add more map interactivity with the plants.


Love your idea,i doubt they would like to complex this much the game.