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Ideas for 1.12 on Jurassic World Alive

Here are some ideas for 1.12 on Jurassic World Alive

New Sanctuaries:
Aquarium Sanctuary

New Dinosaurs:
Carnotaurus gen 2 (Epic)
Cryolophosaurus (Rare)
Styracosaurus (Epic)
Deinonychus (Rare)
Therizinosaurus (Epic)
Coelophysis (Rare)
Deinosuchus (Epic)

New Cenozoic animals:
Andrewsarchus (Epic)
Gastornis (Epic)
Titanoboa (Epic)
Gigantophis (Rare)
Gigantopithecus (Epic)
European Jaguar (Epic)
American Lion (Epic)
Hyaenodon (Rare)
Amphicyon (Rare)
Megalaina (Rare)
Ontocetus (Epic)
Pontolis (Rare)
Acrophoca (Rare)
Ngandong Tiger (Rare)

Mosasaurus (Epic)
Liopleurodon (Rare)
Plesiosaurs (Rare)
Predator X (Epic)
Cretoxyrhina (Rare)
Megalodon (Epic)
Livyatan (Epic)
Archelon (Rare)
Tusoteuthis (Rare)

New Hybrids:

Purutaurus gen 2 (Carnotaurus gen 2 + Purrussaurus gen 2) (Legendary)

Oncataurus (European Jaguar + Purutaurus gen 2) (Unique)

Carnoraptor (Carnotaurus + Pyroraptor) (Legendary)

Kelenkactylus (Kelenken + Dimodactylus) (Legendary)

Styracotelodon (Styracosaurus + Entelodon) (Legendary)

Pleistocene Liger (American Lion + Ndandong Tiger) (Legendary)

Ontoceros (Ontocetus + Megaloceros) (Legendary)

Megaloboa (Megalodon + Titanoboa) (Legendary)

Livyasuchus (Livyatan + Sarcosuchus) (Legendary)

Pontosuchus (Pontolis + Gryposuchus) (Legendary)

Gastosuchus (Gastornis + Deinosuchus) (Unique)

Acrophysis (Acrophoca + Coelophysis) (Legendary)

Tell me what you all think. Remember, these are just ideas






Unique??? It’s a Hybrid!

And we definitely need more common creatures

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Hmm lets see actually buff things that need buffed, Nerf only things that need nerfed and stop this new concept of nerf buffs. Draco and Indo G2 just had a few things moved around they are not much better


Procoptodon (Common)
Dire Wolf (Common)
Tetornis (Common)
Ornithocheirus (Common)

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Oh wait I apologize, I meant European Jaguar + Purutaurus gen 2. Sorry, that was my fault

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Bugs in the arena being finally fixed
FIP tokens being incorporated into incubators in order to boost morale and give incentive in the arena.
Alliance chat glitch being fixed
Being able to choose whether to fight AI or actual opponents and still get trophies for it. Just by pushing a button pre-emptively before any countdown.
Fixing the win to loss ratio with the trophies in battles. Like for instance, winning 40 trophies and only losing 10. This way it is not such a huge setback.
Making the new cenazoics not just park or incubator exclusive. Have them incorporated into the wild like the rest of the dinos
Equal distribution of dinosaurs among the 4 zones
More orange supply drops
Increased migration numbers

Just to name a few technicalities

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Great,i like common creatures :sweat_smile:

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No problem!:smile:

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Why create creatures . Bring it into play then keep on nerfing them simply because players can’t strategize against them. Isn’t that’s what playing the game is about. I’m a fairly new player yet I don’t agree on always wanting nerfs. Most ppl just don’t like draco (rat) because it whipped out there team. It’s happen to me as well but dont be hating rather play grow and form new strategies. Then like draco ppl are starting to hate on procerathomimus it has already been nerfd. Rather start nerfing everything creature then. Or why dont ppl complain about the game being called jurassic world alive yet we getting creatures which aren’t of that period let alone dinosaurs. Ludia needs to really get it’s own game on. Let the game become fun . Not your engineers to keep on hitting and hopping then want our feed back all the time. After all you guys are the professionals.

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i agree with most of your list although i am a bit surprised that we have not seen any ** scorpion* creatures in the game as of yet ?? everyone knows from their history books way back in the jurassic era there were plenty of * scorpion species * running around the planet but like the rest they all vanished when lady KARMA dropped a ruddy big asteroid / meteor right on top of the lot of them wiping them all out in the blink of an eye.
The Jaekelopterus & the Giant Grizzly Bear for example ??


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For 1.2 im expecting a bunch of new dinos and no cenozoics at all hopefully
Otherwise ludia can change jurassic world alive for cenozoic world alive


I’d rather they just fix the bugs.

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I wanna see this


I have a great idea for @Ludia_Developers, how about making the new creatures in 1.12 available? It’s a really breakthrough-like idea, so I don’t expect you’d be so bold to go with it, but think about how cool it would actually be :grin:


Jaeklopterus (Epic)
Giant Short-Faced Bear (Epic)