Ideas for 1.9

Dear ludia, I have some ideas for update 1.9

Obviously more hybrids.

Add the ceratosaurus from Jurassic park 3.
Add more cenozoic creatures like titanaboa. giant sloth, short faced bear, dire wolf, and wooly mammoth.

Buff the amount of dna you can get from epics in sanctuarys.

Let us put cenozoic and flying creatures in sanctuarys.

Have a level cap ber teir boost. Like if your level
15 you can boost your dinos to teir 5.

DNA trading. Trade a set amount of dna for the same rarity.

Dino day care. Like sacuaries but gets dna for you.

More stat boosts per daily incubator/ strike event
Maybe even get one stat boost a day from supply drops.

More chances to dart higher rarity dinos. Maybe as a reward for walking a certain amount of miles.

Monthly zone rotations

More epic strikes during the week.

These are just some suggestions for update 1.9. Please consider these in your future work.


To all those saying aquatics that would be something pretty big that they’d probably want to save for jwa 2.0

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Better matchmaking and a cleaner trophy system.

Alliance donation tracking showing how much dna has been donated in a weekly tally for each player.

Increased rarity and variety drops in scent capsules.

Better variety in battle incubators.


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i forgot that. i thought it was a majunga with different color. good idea.

#fixTheBugs :fist:

What? So then what are sanctuaries? You get DNA from just sitting on your couch from sanctuaries. And it’s quite a bit too. Enough for 1 legendary fuse a day. Anything more would just be excessive.

■ more hybrids
■ fix battle matchmakers
■ get rid of boosts
■ let us give epic dna to co-members with a limit of 5 or 3
■ remove battle incubator from daily quests
■ nerf de draco with 1 hit when swapping in battle
■ place flying dinos in sanctuary
■ return button to easily swap to another sanctuary
■ show all dinos in 1 sanctuary instead of 4
■ Fix bugs

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match making

Consider fixing non profitable bugs that affect the players.


@Ned @Keith when are the release not please they were meant to be a couple days ago I’m guessing it’s gonna be when the ably tournament is over

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