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Ideas for a httyd Pokémon go clone


@Ludia_Developers are you really a developer or did you just give yourself that name because you wanted people to think you were? Nevermind

But anyway I just think it would be cool to be able to search for dragons from the httyd series on the real world map that’s really it but if you are really a developer I’ll happily tell you the ideas I have for a httyd Pokémon go clone

Would you want to know some ideas I have?


That’d be really cool imo! And since we already have a big number of dragon species, variety wouldn’t be a problem. Though I don’t know if many people would play it, and what new mechanics they could implement to make the game more interesting.


Hello there again @JaxontheNightlight. This is where I will post my ideas for your new idea. I am completely on board with this. If Ludia decides to make it, it probably won’t happen soon as they are still working on Titan Uprising, but once they get that under control I bet they could make this.

  1. IF they made this, they should NOT make it like Jurassic World (I don’t know what it’s called) They shouldn’t make Local Zones and stuff like that, they should just make it where you could get any dragon anywhere.

  2. For the thing about it turning into the Hidden World at night, that is pretty brilliant. I don’t think I ever would have thought about something like that. During that specific time, you could get dragons from the Hidden World and Hidden World ONLY.

  3. About Toothless and the Light Fury, that is what everyone would really want from this, but I honestly couldn’t think of a way they could do it without making it a timed event for only a few hours. If they made it an event for like 10 days or something, you could just walk somewhere until you find it.

  4. I would love for some of the ideas you have, hopefully I didn’t just say all of them :smiley:

  • Toothless

P.S. I see you replying down there @Kiri :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait a second, what does Pokémon have to do with Titan Uprising, much less Httyd??!
Also, I think someone is gonna have to explain to me how you search for Dragons from Httyd on a real world map!? :world_map: That’s absurd unless I’m picturing the wrong situation here!?

I READ THAT!!! :imp:


It uses the GPS system, the introduction on the Pokémon GO wikipedia page will help you understand how it could work!


Like, -Dragon Go- :dragon: … ???

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Pretty much but probably not that name lol


So have you noticed that both Jurassic world and Pokémon go have you pick from 3 different “animals” (except Pokémon go they have a weird function to where if you walk away from the starters three times or so you could get… I’m just going to say the mascot for the Pokémon show, I’m not sure if there’s something like that in JWA) anyway for the 3 dragons you would have to pick from could be (these are just ideas) toothless/night fury (maybe the game can take place well idk millions of years to where (somehow) nightlights as everyone is calling toothless’s and the light fury’s babies made more night furys but I don’t know how that would work (sorry if I spoiled the very end for you) lol, the light fury, and well to keep up with the fury idea… well fully grown nightlights (I just kinda want to know how people would make them look and this comes to a whole lot of questions I have… I’ll just put them here…

  1. How old is toothless in the 3rd (and probably last) httyd movie?

  2. How long do dragons live?

  3. Has anyone noticed that the night fury is a different… I’ll just say type of dragon then the light fury?
    I mean sure similar look, they both can turn invisible for a period of time (for night furys they could probably only do it if there in alpha mode like toothless was or if they could always use the power of lightning to turn invisible because doing that plus making everything (except your rider, great job Dreamworks, you’ll telling me that the power that was able to beat like 3 or 4 dragons somehow staying on toothless would get blasted away but not hiccup… wait wouldn’t hiccup not turn invisible with toothless? If so how the heck does toothless turn both himself and hiccup invisible?) similar class of dragon, and well a lot in similar… so that would make the nightlights both hideous (not really) abomination of nature and their a crossbreed with night furys and light furys but when did light furys come into the storyline? I mean yeah in the 3rd movie but how? Are they just night furys that… wait a sec for toothless being called a night fury he sure does a lot of stuff during the day and for the light fury same thing does stuff at night but not really during the day… so what’s the point of their names other then kinda saying the color they are anyway I think that’s about all of the questions I have right now


@JaxontheNightlight The Night Fury and the Light Fury are two different species (I consider them to be subspecies), though they are closely related. The correct term to refer to the Night Lights would be hybrid, since they’re the result of two different sub/species. (crossbreed is the result of two different breeds, and they’re not diff breeds of the same species) Plus their differences aren’t limited to only the color and abilities, structures like wings and tail fins are different! Alongside the scales, spikes etc


Also Hiccup probably didn’t get blasted off because of the night fury scales armor


Thank you
But I do have a question why would the light fury want to be with toothless if there is more likely that there is a male light fury lol


Well, depending on the species the female is more likely to pick the strongest male out of them all, so maybe Toothless was the one who she liked the most, even if he’s from a different sub/species ( but close) x)


I have a theory for the Night Lights (Hybrids as you referred to) and why they are both not 1 color!
So you know how Toothless is an Alpha, able to control the dragons (Similar if not the same as the Bewilderbeast) … His offspring can’t be one color because several of these possible Night Fury’s welding the Alpha Abilty could be catastrophic, so my theory is that only 1 Night Fury can only exist at once! So when Toothless passes, another Night Fury could be born.
( These Offspring only appeared half white from their mother obviously )
I find it sad that Toothless never actual found a Night Fury for some reason.

Thats another Truth though, Toothless is the only of his kind, Everyone says that Toothless isn’t the only one due to the appearance of this Light Fury, but in truth, she is only a subspecies, she is NOT a Nightfury, and neither are his children. He is the only Night Fury, but I guess he isn’t the last of his actual kind since the Light Fury is only a subspecies, I mean their still Furies which still makes them the same (Minus the appearense)

And for the Light Fury, I believe she is unique compared to the others in comparison. The Light Fury has a mixed texture of white, cream, and pink as her hide, but the other Lightfuries didn’t! (If you were paying attention in the movie, there were several Light Fury’s in the background in the Hidden World) and they looked plain White, so I believe she might be like a royal blood in a way. So there couldn’t be one color of her either, otherwise it could wield that crazy blast we saw at the beginning when Toothless found her and she threw a plasma blast at Hiccup and Astrid.
That was insanely strong, she could be just as more powerful as Toothless in a crazy twisted way!!

That’s my theory of why their offspring might be both colors, so their powers can stay bound!

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@Kiri While it is a good theory, I don’t think it works like that. The black and white colors can be explained by genetics (Though I don’t like how they look like cats just for the sake of being cute), and unlike the Screaming Death, there were multiple night furies at once, or grimmel would have to wait an eternity to kill them, and if there weren’t more, from what species were they coming from?
I also don’t think that multiple night furies could be catastrophic, for a few reasons, such as the fact that we have seen that dragons show respect for their alpha and the fact that the night fury is an extremely intelligent species, so they surely can recognize the strength of their leader. And yes, Toothless is the last of his kind, and that was already confirmed by the director!

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Confirmed by the director? Who’s that!?


Oh, and I did consider all the other Night Fury’s that Grimmel Killed, and I wondered, that what if one of Toothless’s offspring inherit his abilities! Well, they are all in the Hidden World now, but they could emerge!! :woozy_face: That would be a hilarious yet very intriguing comeback! That will never happen but in a different reality of my own, yes! I would continue the story and not end it here and now just yet, but nothing like that’ll happen.


Btw this is the concept art for the Night Lights, and they looked much better imo, just add a bit more of Toothless characteristics on the white one and a bit of the Light Fury’s on the black one and it’s perfect! I really didn’t like the cat-like markings on the final design and the pink stuff on them qwq

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Precious, adorable, attractive, cuteness, and very intriguing indeed. I actually adore their cat-like appearance, it reminds me of my first cat, which was black and white too!! I just think it makes them cooler!


@Kiri about the reply thing, while I was typing my message it popped up that you were typing so that’s why I said something XD

  • Toothless
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The one with the little white marking on its nose does look cute, but would’ve been better if it didn’t have the pink details since neither parents have it. But I surely would’ve loved to see the concept ones because I love pure black dragons- and the third one has really cool markings that reminds me of a starry sky, those underbelly markings would look amazing under the hidden world’s light imo
also the little beluga baby is so cute-