Ideas for awesome contents


Cheers folks :slight_smile: a friend of mine and i had some pretty neat ideas for in game content to make this game feel more alive and fun to play amd i thought i .might share them with you all.

  1. Friend system
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could friend other players and share certain stuff with each other? Like friendly battles where you can adjust the level of all dinos to match each other and test out some dinos to see if it is worth collecting zhe dna to level them. Also something like trading dna with your friend.

  2. Smth like a global market.
    What would you think if you could put leftover dna of your dinos (no matter the rarity) into some kind of online storage and put it up for sale or trade for a fixed amount of recources or dna from dinos of equal rarity. Like putting 250 trex dna into “the market“ and give other players the opportunity to buy it for dollars and/or coins or trade it for dino dna you need (lets say you need pyro raptor. So you put up an offer of trex dna and ask for either 500$ and 1000¢ or 250 pyroraptor dna)

  3. Bigger dart storage.
    Well that pretty much explains itself i guess xD

  4. Concede puttons in the battle mode.
    Also pretty much explains itself.

  5. A blackboard.
    The idea behind the “blackboard“ would be that it gives you some kind of quests (daily, weekly and per month) kinda like “win three battles in the arena“ “reach the next player level“ “collect 15000 einiosaurus dna“ and other stuff of that kind. Players would be abled to pick up those quests and get rewarda for completing them ($, ¢, incubators, extra trophies, etc)

What do you think about those ideas? Also let me know if you people do have any cool/usefull/fun ideas you would like to see in the game or which you think would greatly increase the fun of playing JWA.

Best of wishes
Dat K4S8I


I like the ideas, but to be honest, I think Ludia’s intent with JWA has always been to make a game that’s different from PoGo.

The common market idea is pretty cool, though.