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Ideas for darting


So this weekend we have raja, pteranodon, and concav. I haven’t even started working on dioraja cuz I’ve been focusing on the tryko line. Which is why I thought I should dart all raja this weekend to prepare for the future. But then I got thinking 1.6 is expected to be right around the corner and concav and pteranodon have no hybrids. Ludia is great at making all Dino’s eventually get a hybrid so now I’m not sure which to finish off with. Already done 5/9 on raja. I have all three epics at level 15, my raja and concav have over 2000 dna but pteranodon I only got like 1200. Should I focus on raja or should I go for the others in case 1.6 gives them a hybrid?


I’d say it depends on 2 things:
a. How close are you to Dioraja?
b. How close are you to Tryko?
If you are within striking distance of unlocking Dio, go for Raja.
If you want to plan for the future or pretty close to Tryko, you can go for Raja, but id throw in a couple of attempts at Conca.


Ok thank you! I havnt even crafted raja yet but my trex is 20 and my ankylokentro is 19 150/250.