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Ideas for events

I would love a indoraptor / erlikadominus event like the thordor and stygopterx event you get 3 trys to get indoraptor or erlikadominus dna .

I honestly would love a week called “exclusive week” where all creatures that are exclusive (Sanc, Event, and Arena) are in, that way, we can have mammoth, diplodocus, megaloceros, etc :grin:


Not Asked For Event

You know, creatures nobody ever asked for, like Majungasaurus, Dimorphodon, Nodosaurus, Tupandactylus, Concavenator or Baryonyx.

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While that would be nice, I think I prefer when there’s only one exclusive per event, so I don’t have to choose what to dart.

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I would rather have to choose. In this way not all of us would choose the same ones and we would see more varied sand. Logically, this event should be repeated enough to be effective.


I agree it could be for the aniversy or a new movie or Netflix show released like camp crestoys and Jurassic world diminon .

I like concav and baryonx cus 2 of my legendary hybirds use them and if you cont gen 2 then 4 hybrids cus one I don’t have yet had baryonx dna
For legendarys I have I’m talking about diploventor and tyrostronix .

But the thing is… everybody has a trillion DNA of those already.

I don’t I’m actually low on dna from trying to level up my diploventor and tyrtronix to level 17 and level 18.

My Tryostronix is close to level 26 (I’m lacking Dimetrodon) and I still have an endless amount of Baryonyx.