Ideas for future updates

I will try to update this thread costantly if It goes well, also feel free to add anything you want.

I am not english and i don’t know well the language, so if there are any grammatical errors, well, that’s the reason.


Concede button (we absolutely need this).

Creature radar (its not an absolute priority, but It would be cool to have something like this in the game).

Upgradable dart reserves (it can scale with the player level, or it could be upgradable with coins or bucks).

Balance changes

Megalosuchus, gigaspikasaur, monolometrodon, tuoramoloch, erlidominus,
Nodopatotitan buff / rework.

Trykosaurus minor buff (0.25 counter to 0.5 counter).

Stegodeus Nerf (change its superiority strike into just “slowing strike”, change its thagomizer into cleansing impact and slightly nerf its stats, this way stego would still be good but not broken as it is now)


Spinoraptor (the one from the new jwe DLC, not jwtg, with spino animation) / Spino G2 + velociraptor.

New abilities

(Passive) Bloodlust: gain a 50% damage buff for 1 turn after defeating a creature.
(Passive) Defensive stance: protected from critical hits.
(Passive) (i don’t have a name for this): your attacks always hit the target (Elusive/Cloak counter, If this becomes real i expect a buff to Elusive/Cloak, otherwise they would become completely useless considering we already have nullifying and also how unconsistent they are).

Minor things

Update the 3d model of stegoceratops to be more similar to the one from the new jwe DLC (obv i do not expect the same model, even just for graphical restrictions, i just want It to be more similar to the one from jwe).

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How about XP points from friendly battles?

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Yeah friendly battles should have some kind of rewards

I see a lot of Pokémon ability references

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Oh, that’s not what I wanted

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nice ideas.

by the way, “always hit the direct damage
to your opponent”?

bullseye, hawkeye or direct hit.
can be a nice name for it.

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and, how about utah x spino(or gen2 spino)
for spinoraptor?

JWTG made spinoraptor just like that.

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oh, I forgot what you wrote.

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Nice ideas! If they did that new JWE Spinoraptor, it’d be really nice…it’d probably be the last thing Velociraptor would be used for, hybrid-wise, since it’s got two hybrids already!

One update I’d love is a ‘tranquilizer dart’ system, where you spot a Rare or Epic on the other side of the city (or however far away it is) and if you desperately want/need it, you can tranquilize it…almost a guarantee that it will still be there when you reach it. It’d have something like a ‘horizontal’ targeting system, rather than from above, like with the drones…and it’s more difficult the further away you are, etc. and how on-target you are depends on how long the creature will be asleep for. Of course this kind of system would allow for only 2 or 3 tranquilizer darts in your pouch, max.

Maybe it’s just me that would love this, because I’ve had a few heart-breaks when I’ve seen a creature I want/need, literally go out of the way to get to it and by the time I reach, it disappears.

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I recently suggested Ludia through a ticket the possibility of doing 2/3/4 different teams.

It’s really annoying trying to remember which dinos you used for a certain strategy.

Of course I can screenshot but it takes time and it’s not practical.

Maybe they should take a look at spawn rates. Iguanodon festival, Triceratops Gen2 festival, Haztegopterix King of DNA…

but some dinos such as Sinoceratops are not appearing even in their spot areas. Got 39k Allosaurus DNA and sino still level 13-14.

In other threads I’ve read something related to create Nullifying Rampage. Should be OK when or if they decide to have an hybrid between Tany and… Rex Gen 2, for example.

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Nice ideas, with exception of Stegodeus nerf. I agree Stegodeus needs a rework, but I would only change its first move. Changing Superiority strike as move would change meta completely. There would be Immunity dino meta and Bleeders are useless then.
Would change SS to Decelerating strike. Cleansing impact could make Stego even more powerful.

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Maybe you’re right about the stego nerf

I’ve only been playing about 2 months now but I am now in Sorna Marshes and it seems like teams rely on just a few top dino’s. I feel it would more variety and battles would be more fun if instead of selecting 8 dino’s for 1 team (that 4 are of course selected from) that we are instead required to have 2 sets A and B. Each has 8 dino’s. The game then would automatically select 4 from EITHER team A or B. It would be more variety in what we battle against, we would need to better develop more dino’s and players would need more strategy and not rely on just 2-3 top dino’s and moves.

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That’s totally true… about people relying on the same top dinos… and many higher level players say it gets worse and worse… but I guess that’s inevitable, the game is relatively new