Ideas for game improvement V2


Hey, i already did a post where i said what did i personally wanted in the game. since it’s 2 months old and due to the fact the game has changed, some wishes came true, some not. Here’s my wishlist for future version of JWA :

1 - Better hybridation : This is the reason that made me write the first post, as it is a thing that i would probably make the game way more interesting. In its current state, hybrids are rigid : some precise hybrids exists and you can only mix DNA into those. Let’s make in sort that, instead, a new tab called “Laboratory” gets added to the lower bar. This tab will have an interface of the same kind that the one you get when on a hybrid (Two empty slots where you can place a dinosaur on each side to get DNA of the new hybrid.) According to the fact you get an average of 20DNA per fusion, Here are the costs in DNA and Coins.
The result depends of the stats of both dinosaurs, their moves and their passives.
The formula for stats would be :
Attack and health : ((S1+S2)/2)*1.1, Where S1 is the stat of the left dino and S2, the one of the right dino
Speed : (S1+S2)/2
Armor : Bx0.8, Where B is the best stat of the 2 ingredients.
Crit : B
Moves : Two first moves of the left dino, and the two last ones of the right dino.

A few details about this : you can’t go further than a superhybrid, which means no Indovelostegomimusotrodon. Sorry.
Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie can’t be used as ingredients. Else the name would be ugly (Hi Delechomimus)

2 - Allowing Legendaries and Uniques to spawn : this one is simple : if we can find Dragonites and Gyrados, why can’t we find Erlidominus ? This is why i think Legendaries and uniques should be able to appear, following biomes, day/night cycle, ect… Of course, it would be INSANELY rare.
Knowing that there is approximatively 1 Epic for 100 spawns, there would be 1 legendary for 1000 spawns and 1 Unique for 10000 spawns.
I know it could be a stupid idea, but my goal is to create the same “hype” as you can find in pokemon go when a very rare spawns occur, everyone from the same group running to the spot. It would be great to have everyone’s old memories coming back. Moreover, it could help F2P players to get Legendaries and uniques while staying F2P.

3 - Cloak rework : Indominus is an insanely controversial dino : One match it would Perfect your opponent, but the next match he would die without hitting once. Playing Indomnus shouldn’t be “Use cloak and pray for it to work”, but more like “Use cloak to block my opponent’s strongest move then retaliate with a strong move”.
That’s why i suggest a new version of cloak, evasive stance and evasion strike making them more offensive.

Cloak : If opponents hits during the buff, the attack is nullified, the claok goes out and the user is granted +100% damage for 1 Turn. Lasts 2 turns. Can be removed with Nullifiying moves

Evasive stance : Cancels every negative effect , the user gets 50% damage reduction and 10% of speed.
Lasts 3 Turns. Can be removed with Nullifiying strike.

Evasion Strike : +25% of damage, 10% of speed for the next turn. Last 1 turn. Can be removed

The objective of those s changes is to make these skills less random and more useful. Not only it gives Indoraptor and Monomimus more offensive presence, but it also makes Nullifiying Dinos (Counter) more useful overall.

4 - Buff Dimetrodons : Dimetrodons are weak, that’s a fact. If you thought they were balanced beacause of Immunity, then explain me why there is Indominus, Momonimus, ect…
Let’s Change some of their Stats :

  • Dimetrodon Gen2 : 3000HP, 1300Dmg, 118Spe, 0%Armor and 20%Crit, Immunity
  • Dimetrodon : 3250HP, 1250Dmg, 120Spe, 0%Armor and 5%crit, Immunity
  • Ophiacodon : 2750HP, 1200Dmg, 121Spe, 10%Armor and 40%crit, Immunity
  • Secondotosaurus : 3400HP, 1350Dmg, 120Spe, 0%armor and 10%Crit, Immunity
  • Monolometrodon : 3000HP, 1500Dmg, 127Spe, 0%Armor and 5%Crit, Immunity

Overall, the changes were designed to change them fro “Punching balls” to “Damage dealers” and to give Stegodeus, Stegoceratops, and such, safe counters.

That’ll be all for now. If you got any suggestion about my ideas (Especially about numeric values, i remind to everyone that i don’t work at the balance team of JWA, so don’t hesistate to tell me if a value is too low/high).


Love your suggestions.


I’ll start by addressing your first point and giving my feed back, you have a lot of ideas so my response might get long winded but I’ll try to stay concise:

  1. I think this is going to become too complicated and stretch your dna far too thin. I’m not sure what rank or how developed your team is but I’m giving insight from someone ranked in the 70s. I don’t have the coins or dna to “try” a bunch of evolution paths to experiment. Not to mention the nightmare this will create on a coding side (as you touched on briefly with acknowledgement of crazy names). If I might make a suggestion that could still offer customization for you

1a: give dinosaurs “slots” based on their rarity… in these slots you can place modern day animal DNA that will increase certain attributes (+10% hp, 5% crit chance, etc). Similar to how in fantasy games you can slot gems into equipment. These slots could be changed and then you get to experiment with customization w/o spending valuable dna.

2: I have no real issues with this suggestion but I doubt it will be implemented as it would reduce costs greatly.

Going to read your other ones again and make another post


3: I’ve made several posts similar to this and thus agree

4: I think Dimetrodon class Dino’s are ok, the problem most of the time is the tanks you mentioned are over leveled so they survive longer than they should and end up killing Dimetrodons. The unique Dimetrodon is very strong vs tanks

Hope my feed back is constructive. Good to throw around ideas and see what sticks

  1. I’d like to see an option to use DNA to alter the stats of the dinosaur. You give up leveling it as quickly to modify the animal. Maybe forego leveling a T Rex to give it some armour/defence or speed it up. I know Ludia wouldn’t do this for balance reasons but it is how I would like to see it done.

  2. Yes. Absolutely. Everything should appear on the map based on it’s rarity even if legendaries and uniques can appear say once a month or something.

  3. Cloak does need something. I use Indominus and frequently face them in the Arena, so I see it both ways. However, at the moment the Cloak ability is a 50/50 or 1 in 2 chance, which isn’t good enough. It needs something to make it just slightly more viable than it currently is.

  4. Yep.


Nope. Sorna marshes. 3700TR.

Also, your Modern anilmal genes stuff looks interesting. After all, it got in Jurassic world Evolution. So why not ? Note : this means YES. i love hte system you gave here, as it has great potential.

To address the issue of Higher rarity spawns, yes, i know it would make lategame dinos less lategame, but at least you won’t be nearly forced to pay to get them. I talk especially for Magnapyrritor, Tuoramoloch, Paramoloch, and all Arena exclusive hybrids, which are impossible to get without spending TONS of money. Or remove the incubator Exclusivity, ESPECIALLY FOR ALANQA, which is obtainable by, what, 100 persons over 5 Millions ?

Well, for Dimetrodons, i don’t think they would be able to beat Stegodeus, even at same level. They could get him low, but can’t kill him. I had to stop investing into Velociraptor (Indoraptor Stuff) to boost my stegodeus just to have a chance in arena, he’s 18 and can go to 19 if i get 25K more coins.

PS : They also should allow to do multiple fusions at one, because Suchotator (As an example) needs litteral button mashing for several minutes. It’s long and boring. Plz Ludia, make the fusions shorter and allow multiple.


Magnapyritator can definitely defeat the same level Stegodeus. A rare Dimetrodon cannot but stegodeus is 2 ranks above a rare and should be stronger than a rare. I made the new gen2 legendary and admittedly his moves and stats feel lack luster, but about what I’d expect from 2 cruddy common gen 2 source materials.

Trysotronix is also a Dimetrodon hybrid that can defeat Stegodeus if properly leveled. Just FYI

I agree with the auto fuse feature. I’ve made more nodopatasaur than I’d care to recall. The button pressing is tedious.


Paramoloch isn’t super difficult to obtain; the issue is that Tragod normally hogs the Parasaur DNA, so Paramoloch is put on the back burner.


I started a thread about Alanqa, there’s literally like 125 of us that can get him in incubators… and it’s not guaranteed since I’ve gotten Stygi from my rank 9 arena incubators. I do agree that you don’t have to spend much to get paramoloch if any tbh. Stygi drops commonly enough


The whole idea of having to use coins to level up a dinosaur is stupid. Also that max number of attempts reached is stupid. It a dinosaur is on my map and I have darts I should be able to dart it and if I spend five days hunting for a dinosaur to level it up I should be able to just level it up. When it comes to hybrids if I have the DNA from both the dinosaur that make it then I should be able to make it if those dinosaurs are at the level they need to be at. Friends should be able to give each other items like a package that you get a supply drops or in the store.


I’m ok with the coin costs. Without those and I probably would have many more high level commons and hybrid epics. It’s a finite resource pool shared by all creatures so players have to make decisions about what to level and what to prioritize. Plus you won’t really get rid of that feature since the F2P system is built on it… “resource squeeze that encourages store purchases”.

Obviously I’m against the limit. Even if it curved downwards and eventually I only get 25 coins a spin would be preferable to nothing. The free daily bucks and scent canister are the only ones that make sense to be on a daily limit.


The coins are stupid if you spend your time going out and hunting down the dinosaurs and you get enough DNA the level it up but you don’t have enough coins that is stupid you put your time into get the DNA you should not be punished for not have enough coins. That is why players give up. And if the coins are going to stay the more coins need to in supply drops. But by getting rid of the coins then you balance out the game.


Coins limit is there to stop f2players and spoofers from getting too far without paying, so yeah we probably won’t see it removed anytime soon. That said I too think that wasting your time to farm a dino only to be blocked by a huge paywall after lvl 15 or so, feels crap. At least lower the pricings to a decent amount so the people that wanna invest competitively at lvl 20 and above have to deal with their 50k coin upgrades and start to actually take serious decisions on their grades. As the game is right now about midgame people have to save up crazy amounts of cash for one grade of a dino not feeling any progress overall.

1.Apart from the coin issue I feel that the game map is a serious lackluster and not very Jurassic park/world themed. It’s what you look in your screen for 80% of the game and its like a Tron ripoff. I personally would love to see textures with broken buildings, trashed enclosures and nature. Or at this point even a little green would be nice. And how bout we swap that drone with an actual helicopter.
2. I also don’t like the 4 dino randomiser on the battle system. I think that if you had a solid team of 4-5 creatures each time it could actually let the game diverse in team comps and such and let creatures that don’t see play right now be put in the spotlight since they could be complimented with other picks. How bout a full counter-attack team, how bout a wounding swap team that even Lydia seems to want right now. We’ll you can’t do that unfortunately because all dinos right now are rated as a singular fighter simply because even if it combo with something else you can’t justify it simply because that something might not pop in your roster in each battle.

And also the animal slot idea is pretty good and somewhat exists already in JWE so it perfectly fits thematically. After a while battlers will have specific best combos obviously but still nice to tweak a bit.


For me more dinos need some changes there are many many useless dinos…


“Hey spoofers, are you tired to go from one erlikosaurus to another to level up your erlidominus ? Just go to all erlidominus now it will save you a lot of time to crush us in arena”

They don’t need to follow pogo. They should make their own way to gather community. Plus if you really want to be accurate, pogo removed this with last gen (metagross don’t spawn in wild). So in fact it’s quite the opposite :joy:

Hopefully Ludia is not listening these nonsense and instead I hope they are focused on real problem like glitch during battles, tower that prevent you from clicking dino…