Ideas for Game


I love this game. I have been playing it with some friends for a few years now and we really enjoy it. However, as a late game player, I have been getting somewhat bored with it recently, and I’ve talked to other players who are feeling the same. I don’t even send some dragons to collect fish, wood, or iron anymore, because I have too much to spend. Thus statues are rather pointless to level up, and buying new dragons isn’t worth it either. Even runes have stockpiled to the point that I’m considering canceling subscription as it provides no real benefit besides the hanger space. So I put together a list of suggestions for game improvements my friends and I thought of, and that I’ve seen other players talk about on Facebook and Reddit. I think this would help get some longtime players interested in the game again. Sorry for the length.

I think new quests would be much appreciated. I was rather disappointed when I saw the new legendary dragon, and the 134 level cap, didn’t come with new quest lines. Even if they take a month or so to complete, quests give players something to play for. Especially with multiple questlines to work on.

Odin’s Market could use some expansion. It would be cool to have a selection of 5-10 dragons and costumes that change with each update every 2-3 months in addition to the ones that update each week. Also being able to get 5-10 Odin coins from Gobber’s Duties instead of runes or amber would be nice. Odin coins seem really hard to obtain right now so additional sources would be great.

Right now 70% of my dragons sit at level 1 because they aren’t worth wasting months of time to train. So I think it would be nice if there was a way to more quickly train low level dragons. For example, if after completing the quest for 60 dragons to level 124, Heather, Dagur, or another character opened a training area and would train a dragon from level one to level 90 in a week or two for a certain amount of iron or a new resource. It would give players a wider selection of dragons to experiment with and make it possible to train more than a third of the dragons we have.

New costumes always available to buy with runes.

A sale for hanger space gets asked for on every Facebook post it seems

Higher difficulty defend Berk missions with better rewards.

Ability to level up Eret’s boat for quicker or more efficient amber refining. Also increased amber from Gobber’s Duties. It takes completing 17 duties for enough raw abler to get one refined amber. Thats in place of over 250 runes.

The ability to sort Book of Dragons by Date acquired, dragon species (so we can easily find all rumblehorns or Gronckles if needed), and gathering stats.

Better flock rewards. After spending a lot of time or runes to complete the flock, the rewards just seem like a slightly better Gobber Pack.

Johann sells items for collections that we already have enough of. If I have 15 shells for a collection and only need 10, then there’s not much use in Johann trying to sell me more shells. Would be nice if he only offered stuff we could use.

Also would be nice if after completing a collection, it wouldn’t start one for the exact same dragon. Maybe increase odds of getting collection for dragons we don’t have.

With the dragon rider subscription, the free runes reset with a 24 hour timer. It would make more sense for these to reset at the same time as the calendar each day instead.

For the special 24 hour sales, some could be offered for runes instead of cash. There was a couple in January. So, we can buy a dragon that instead of 14,000 runes would cost 3,000 for the day. I think more people might be willing to buy it than with real money.

Right now Hookfang’s 50 rune journey will give 1.5G wood as a prize. but we can only hold 1G max. This excess wood is always wasted instead of going to mail like excess wood from a card pack.

A new resource to gather would be cool. It gets players to buy and train new dragons. Or at least more options to spend iron so it doesn’t pile up as much.

A second city to build. So we have Berk, and then something like Dragon’s Edge, that has it’s own set of buildings, and we can send dragons there where they can gather new types of resources and it has characters from the TV series. Would give late game players something new to work on for a while.

I don’t think any of us expect many of these to be a part of the game, but we hope that some might be implemented at some point. We love this game and want to make it as fun as possible.