Ideas for indoraptor to be good again

What do you think guys, how to improve him, make him useful again? After the dodge nerf it can last only for 2 turns and then die, im extremely unlucky so my evasive hardy ever actually did dodge attacks but now even od it did IT is a waste of turn. How to improve him? Maybe replace his evasive stance with prowl or just give him distracting impact and swap in dodge, or rework evasive stance so it gives you 1x 100 dodge chance, and with every hit it looses 33% chance so 2nd dodge have less chance to occur and third only 33% now with dodge nerf it will still take damage so 3 turns should be enough for him to die anyway, it could loose some hp if it would became op move but for me it could have sense. Priority, 100% chance for dodge 66% dmg in first turn, 66% in second, and 33% in third. Then this move would have sense because in this state is a waste of move. Or od the % are to big it could be 100% in 1/ 50% on 2nd and 25 in 3rd. What do you think?

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I still get beaten by Indo so she’s not that bad off.

As far as the evade/dodge/cloak mechanic, return them to avoiding 100% damage on success, but if it is successful the chance of evade/dodge/cloak being successful on the next attack is diminished some. If the evade/dodge/cloak failed, then the chance of a success remains the same.

If you have a 50% chance to evade and it’s successful, then chance of your next evade may drop to 35%. If you successfully evade again then the chance to evade drops to 25%. If you have a turn without an evasion applied, or the evade fails then the chance remains at is set to its initial state.


Really liking this suggestion. As it is, cloak/dodge has become an unstable shield, and outside of Indominus or Indoraptor the other dodgers are already soft and can’t take much punishment; dodging fully is the only thing that made them worth fielding.

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Dodge really needs a new overhaul. Something must be done to make those dinos useful again. There are a lot of good suggestions, I don’t know which one I like best XD

I would say keep the percentage chance to deflect damage but add say a 20% or 30% chance to take no damage add this to all cloakers or dodgers