Ideas for Jurassic World Alive 1.13

Carnotaurus Gen 2 (Epic)
Cryolophosaurus (Rare)
Nanotyrannus (Epic)
Torvosaurus (Rare)
Coelophysis (Rare)
Giganotosaurus (Epic)
Carcharodontosaurus (Epic)
Deinonychus (Rare)
Ceratosaurus (Common)

Ornithocheirus (Common)
Cryodrakon (Epic)

Mosasaurus (Epic)
Predator X (Epic)
Liopleurodon (Rare)
Plesiosaurs (Rare)
Cretoxyrhina (Rare)
Archelon (Rare)
Tusotheuthis (Rare)
Megalodon (Epic)
Livyatan (Epic)

Andrewsarchus (Epic)
European Jaguar (Epic)
Gastornis (Epic)
Gigantophis (Rare)
Megalaina (Rare)
Hyaenodon (Rare)
Amphicyon (Rare)
Procoptodon (Common)
Dire Wolf (Common)

Purutaurus Gen 2 (Carnotaurus Gen 2 + Purrussaurus Gen 2) (Legendary)
Oncataurus (European Jaguar + Purutaurus Gen 2) (Unique)
Kelenkdactylus (Kelenken + Dimodactylus) (Legendary)
Megaloboa (Megalodon + Titanoboa gen 2) (Legendary)
Andrewsaurus (Andrewsarchus + Cryolophosaurus) (Legendary)
Gastosuchus (Gastornis + Gryposuchus) (Unique)
Mosaphis (Mosasaurus + Gigantophis) (Legendary)

What do you all think?

Sea creatures in the game should be very nice I just hope this thing’ll don’t bring more bugs

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I think they should work on introducing a vast number of creatures that would get players out to hunt. Out in the wild theres like maybe 3-4 creatures that i need and one of those being park only. The hunting aspect is an important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored because its what keeps players around even if they dont battle in the arena. All these creatures that get lock behind incubators and events are poor opportunities to keep players around continuously hunting and playing the game. Im hoping the next update focuses on adding a large quantity of creatures so I can once again go out to hunt like when I first started the game.

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Swap things like Suchomimus, Einiasaurus and Diplocaulus with the park exclusive critters for a change…

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That is true

You have all of my thinking dinos. I have same dinos and creatures in my mind and i and attacks for creatures. But i mabe have more😃. Carno gen 2=nice. I want to get Giganotosaurus with Rage out(my attack, i post on forum) and his hybrid Giganotaurus(legendary - Giga + Carno) and Stygigataur(unique - Giganotaurus + Styracosaurus). Nice post. Working on another things in future👍

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I’d want a creature named Andrew in the game. That would be funny.

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Wow, Giganotaurus does sound amazing