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Ideas for Jurassic World Alive 1.15

nothing big, just making my own version of some creatures you made

We have a triceratopcian like crested theropod (thoradolosaur) and and tri-c crested crocodile type dinosaur (sarcorixis), as well as a tri-c crested raptor (utahsinoraptor). I personally think that a tri-c type crest on a snake or titanoboa would be nice as well as a terasoar (flying dinosaur) with said crest, and all ways more of these dinosaurs like this would be nice.

To @Detonatress how did you make the dracosuchus. I was wondering because I think it would be nice to make those nice designs that you do.

If it was made by hand then I understand.

Dinosaurs that have never been represented in a previous Ludia games (JPB and JWTG), like protoceratops

And Anodontosaurus

Interesting, but I was going along the lines of something that is unique to the games and something that would have a unique animation. Like protoceratops because it’s too small for the ceratopsian build already, and it is very different in general

And we need creatures that needs more attention, Micropachycephalosaurus and Zby

By mixing Dodo, Dodo and Dodo, you can now create Dodododododo!

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Momomomomo’s long lost cousin?

Lythronax gen 2

Hp: 4500
Dmg: 1800
Spd: 128
Def: 40%
Crit: 20%

Precise strike
Instant rampage

Immune to stuns
Swap in DSS

Mini L
Hp: 4800
Dmg: 1680
Spd: 130
Def: 50%
Crit: 20%

Raking strike
Instant rampage
Instant invincibility

Maximal counter
Immune to distract
Immune to stun
Swap in DSI

Lord Lythronax
Mini L+lythronax gen 2

Same as the current lord lythronax

It is super busted, but lythronax gen 2 has a 0.0000000001% chance to spawn in the wild, is ridiculously difficult to dart and it only gives you 2 dna per feed and play and only 1 dna per interact.

Inkscape + PC tablet, although mouse works too. Vector arts are the easiest for me.
I also use it for drawing and animating for a 2D game, although it’s not meant for animation. More examples of what I did with it:

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Oh boy the whales will be on this thing like pork butt on a smoker

Wdym? Ten characters

giganotosaurus + labyrinthosaurus=



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Yeah but it won’t be featured in incubators because then people will buy the heck out of those

Trainer bundles

I already said that you could only get at max 5 dna at a time that’s extremely low. You would need 10 days of constant FIP to even unlock the thing