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Ideas for Jurassic world alive version 2.1

I want to see dinosaurs with death countdown
Indoraptor gen 2
And last one, spinonyx

I also want to see new features, moves, and creatures.

Dude 2.0 hasn’t even been released yet. Can the hope for the next next update wait a little?


Ok ill wiat

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I would like to see an A.R. battle mode.
Augmented reality battle mode would allow users (one or both) to battle
in the battleground of their choice.


Just take uptade 1.6

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Mabye @E.D will add that

Just have Omega 09 and Alpha 06 that enough for me

2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4 game modes…

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Oh and I also wanna see godzilla in the game

Godzilla will look like this:

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Did you mean update

Did anyone else immediately hear “The Final Countdown” in their head upon reading the first sentence?

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lol, my suggestion is gonna be the same:
2.1 = fix 2.0 bugs (and please the older ones) and fine tune changes.

feature? well… now i can really suggest a computer port, even with map/gps part unavailable, with so many things to see and read on screen.

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Wow already writing off 2.0 before it is even released. How about waiting until it is released, try it out for a month or two, and go from there. This is getting ridiculous now. No wonder the forums are growing more toxic.

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What do I want? 4v4 pvp mode? Idk about other things, as of now wait for 2.0

How Arena battle system look like

AR battle mode

I would like a new way to get coin in Jurassic world Alive like a way to get rid of unwanted DNA and some new moves as well also I would like to be able to get my stat boosts back when I add them to a creature