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Ideas 💡 for Liam and Min Jae Lee

Liam Park and Min Jae Lee should ask their match to marry them. They should also go solo with their music or they should leave the company and start their own. Min Jae Lee and Liam should start their own label so they can have more freedom. Amanda and the managers should be fined, Sued and Fired by the company, or even by Liam and Min Jae Lee. The match should decide to start their career as a writer, screenwriter, singer, rapper, etc. Liam and Min Jae Lee will be so happy and supportive that’s when they decides to publicly propose. The song they made together goes viral and it becomes popular. Once they are marry. Amanda would have no choice to back down after having multiple lawsuits against her and her fan club. Then once their career takes off they can live together. Amanda will be seen trying to cause trouble again for the other members but the company going to see her as a threat and take another legal action against her so she’s going to try and get help with Liam or Min Jae Lee but finds out they have a baby with their mate and she becomes paranoid and loses it and kidnaps the baby and the mate making them angry and finally gets the police involved putting her in jail once and for all. I know it’s kind of far fetched lol :joy: but still I’ll write a fanfic based on this just to see how it turns out :smiley:

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I think that would be great if they used your ideas and be better for there company to for the storyline :wink:

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I know lol so I guess…I’ll post my fanfiction of both characters too see how it will play out. I am grateful that I found this game. Cause it gave me my inspiration back. :grinning: :blush:

Omg if you have a watt pad account I’d totally read that!

I definitely do have one and thank you for the idea cause I have plenty more ideas for these characters lol