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Ideas for Lydia to make money - that don’t ruin the game

Since Lydia has to make money! I thought why not think of some ways that will get them money and make us happy.

Would love to see an Ian Malcom log: things other than dinosaurs to collect. Like a story. 25 pieces of a log?

Or Characters: just unique things to collect that don’t have to be incorporated into battles. Something to keep me out walking :walking_man:

Mayby if you collect 7 pieces of something in a week - you can start the next tournament with 200 trophs. That would be something players will buy, so u can make money.

Or in game immunity’s? So if u loose a battle you don’t loose any trophy’s.

What about fossils of dinos not in the game? To teach and learn.

A museum? When u met a friend in real life they can see your museum? Collection.

Mayby u can buy attacks? Or somehow level up common and rare creatures to make them viable for competition for players above level 15.

Any other ideas?


Unlock levels with cash.

But only Common, Rare, Epic and Lengend.

When a dino reach specific 20, 22,25, 28 and 30 they get more skills and can be a lot more powerful.

In that way every dino also become relevant and great to use.

More variation and NO :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: BOOSTS.


Add avatars/dino trainers we can customize for cash. Or let us dress up the dinos (my Erlidominus would look awesome in a pink skirt and hat).



I would pay HC for better fuses. Maybe more perks for VIP would be enough. Like maybe a VIP arena with a separate leaderboard & incubators. If VIP added more gameplay, I would get it. I’m an insomniac & nothing makes me more unhappy at 4am than having nothing to do on my game except battle the same 8 dinos. Other things to do at 4am…name my dinos…organize dinos in order of favorite to useless…color them different colors…

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I second dressing up the dinos! As long as there are hats!


Maybe just make the game fun so people will want to spend money on it? With the constant lags and crashes I’m not motivated to purchase anything. It was sure a lot more fun before stat boost came out.


So true… in the past I would have jumped on the cash deals in the store… now it’s yawn. I’m too frustrated 'cause I can’t go anywhere in the arena… the last thing I wanna do is spend $.


Just imagine indo coming in with a top hat and panties :laughing:
Absolutely majestic!

Adding a number of different skins for the dinos, itens and clothes to customize the dinos’ appearance and so on

Badges/skins that unlock to buy after X number of wins/kills/etc.

Also, it would be cool if the skin changed during battle determined on how much health they had left.

Wait, what happened to my idea of a bake sale?!

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I’m just hoping for some PvP balance, and soon.

I hope the devs are hard at work with ideas. :slight_smile:


Wait GG - are you saying that my team of lvl 23’s going up against the lvl 28 team was not fair?! Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say!!!

Lol, doesn’t sound like a fun matchup for sure.

On the other hand, I have come to the very harsh realization that if my opponent draws their boosted Thor and Draco in the same hand, levels no longer matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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From my point of view the best way how to make money and dont ruin the game is just a grafic stuff that doesnt affect a gameplay… like skins, icons, etc., games like League of Legends or Fortnite are good examples of REAL free to play games…

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It sucks - everybody wants skins haha. I’m not too interested. But I have been dying for some more avatar options.

Mayby one Dino? That u can copletely customize your own way? With attacks and strengths. That be cool.

Custom entrance/attack/death animations

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Yes!!! This would be amazing

This one I really like to happen.

I don’t know about suggestions that would help make them some money but there is something I would like to see added to the game that might enhance the fun element.

In their other game, Jurassic Park Builder (I think Jurassic World the Game also has it) - you get a continuous supply of missions given to you by characters from the film (In JPB it’s Hammond, Grant, Malcolm… etc). You get rewards for completing those. It’s like the daily missions but you get a visual and dialogue from characters in the films telling you what to do. I would like to have that added to the game.