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Ideas for More Uniques (Filling Gaps Post 2.0)

I haven’t dropped any concepts in a pretty long time, thought I might go for it. Since 2.0 it feels a little like some niches were lost among Uniques, and at the same time spaces have also opened for new niches to be filled with new move availability. Heres some superhybrids I’ve cooked up that could step in to fill, well, unique roles.

Haast’s Eagle G2+Alankylosaurus

  • Resilient Strike
  • Fearless Flap
  • Taunting Rampage
  • Long Invincibility
  • Swap in Gust [New]: Invincible 1 Turn. Speed Up 10% 1 Turn. Swap prevented 2 turns.

~100% Swap Prevention Resistant
~100% Deceleration Resistant
~67% Vulnerability Resistant (Anky2 DNA)

  • 3500 HP
  • 1100 Attack
  • 130 Speed
  • 30% Armor
  • 5% Critical

Idea: A speedy tank that could be a real nuisance to get rid of. It is lacking in damage but it can withstand a pretty reasonable amount of damage in return since it has the advantage over other tanks in its high speed, allowing it to activate its defensive measures before taking damage in most cases.


  • Group Shattering Strike
  • Mutual Fury
  • Fierce Wound [New]: 2X Armor Piercing. Destroy Shields. Apply .15X Max HP DoT for 2 turns. Raid use: Target Highest HP. Delay: 1/ Cooldown: 1
  • Fierce Impact
  • No Escape

~ 100% Stun Resistant
~ 33% Distraction Resistant
~ 25% DoT Resistant (Rhino DNA)
~ 50% Vulnerability Resistant

  • 4500 HP
  • 1300 Attack
  • 107 Speed
  • 25% Armor
  • 10% Critical

Idea: After 2.0 dropped there’s not really any Unique bleeders besides some swappers like Vexus. This would be an abomination looking scaled death pig that is slower than its parent and loses some distraction resistance, but has a punishing DoT move that’s not a typical 1X Lethal/Gashing/Maiming Wound. Keratoporosus would be a pretty difficult sweeper to stop if allowed to set up properly like coming in on a slowed opponent, and it’s bulk alongside mild resistances would be difficult to deal with on its own anyway.


  • Persistant Ferocious Strike
  • Revenge Acceleration [New]: 1X. Cleanse Speed Decrease. Increase Speed 50% 2 turns. Revenge: 1.5X. Raid use: Target Fastest, increase self Speed 50% 2 turns. Delay: 0/ Cooldown: 1
  • Revenge Distracting Impact
  • Fierce Rampage
  • No Escape
  • On Escape Minor Heal

~ 100% Critical Reduction Resistant
~ 100% DoT Resistant
~ 100% Swap Prevention Resistant
~ 75% Stun Resistant
~ 50% Distraction Resistant
~ 50% Deceleration Resistant
~ 50% Vulnerability Resistant
~ 25% Rend Resistant

  • 3900 HP
  • 1000 Attack
  • 128 Speed
  • 5% Critical Chance

Idea: Don’t you hate when you come in for the revenge kill and they just swap out? No longer! With Gnathocevia, the addition of Scaph DNA adds No Escape, so you can come in on weakened opponents to set up with either a significant speed boost, or amp up damage without worry you’ll get rat’d (or of that nature) on the attempt to pick them off. If someone is resistant or immune to swap prevention, Scaph DNA still benefits you with a light heal on their leave. Hopefully it’d still keep the Gorgonopsid body type as part of its theoretical nature.


  • Shielded Taunt Strike
  • Tip the Scales
  • Group Ferocious Strike
  • Cunning Impact (Koola DNA)
  • Resilient Counter Attack [New]: 1X. Cleanse Distraction. Decrease Opponent Speed 50% 1 turn. Remove Evasion/Cloak/Speed Increases.

~ 75% Deceleration Resistant
~ 75% Vulnerability Resistant
~ 67% Stun Resistant
~ 50% Distraction Resistant

  • 4400 HP
  • 1000 Attack
  • 116 Speed
  • 30% Armor
  • 5% Critical Chance

Idea: I know Resilient moves are already heavily available across many creatures, but this one I think just makes sense. A debuffer with access to both the cunning and resilient spectrum of moves, it also has the unique Tip the Scales move which I feel like belongs on a counterattacker. It doesn’t fill any specific role perfectly and is weak against fellow armored enemies, but it’s ability to be thrown into many other matchups gives it some pretty fair utility that not many others have. It’d also be a pretty good Swiss Army knife raid creature.


  • Shielded Decelerating Strike
  • Group Ferocity
  • Group Decelerating Impact
  • Refresh
  • Greater Healing Counter [New]: Cleanse. Heal self current Attack value after receiving damage.

~ No Resistances

  • 3900 HP
  • 1500 Attack
  • 108 Speed
  • 15% Armor
  • 5% Critical Chance

Idea: Since Stegodeus is still the lore ‘best stegosaur,’ an Unique Stego would have to fill a different role. I think this one would certainly fill a different role. Stepping in as an endless healer, Ouranogaia would be the antithesis to things like tarkus, and could be a surprise neutralizer to renders and bleeders you face. Stunners would be an effective counter, as well as chompers who can knock it down faster than it can recover. Probably better in theory though, not sure?

Lastly, my 2.0 iteration concept of…

You guessed it!


  • Ambush Strike [New]: 1X. Distract 50% 1 turn. Target Vulnerable next turn.
  • Distracting Impact
  • Rending Takedown
  • Definite Shield Advantage
  • Rending Counterattack

~ 100% Deceleration Resistant
~ 50% Swap Prevention Resistant
~ 50% Distraction Resistant
~ 25% Rend Resistant

  • 3800 HP
  • 1500 Attack
  • 126 Speed
  • 10% Critical

Idea: Alloraptor becomes a fully fledged sauropod munching antithesis raptor, complete in its form as the brutish Carnoraptor. With the addition of Carno DNA and a 25% Rending Counter at the expense of upfront damage and cunning strike, it insures any Maximas or otherwise go down swiftly. While it’s a devastating threat to any who invested in HP titans, things like Spyx and Magna drop it without much effort.

So what do you guys think? Things you want to see? I know my stats and resistance numbers aren’t perfect, but I think some of these would be pretty cool and fit in well in some cases.


I really like the haasts eagle and alankylosaurus idea, but what rig would it use? :thinking:

Thanks! I almost imagine a Corviknight-like eagle rig?


Ouranogaia sounds amazing but kinda broken at the same time :thinking:, i mean it has 1500 attack + refocity moves, that is 2250 health back, it’s more than 50% of its health, barely some dinos can scrath it + it can cleanse so you can’t distract it, bleed it, make it vulnerable etc or take it down with dinos with 1000 attack, maybe with a .5x attack, it would be 750 and with ferosious 1125, that sounds more beatable

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How would two on escapes work? Would it use no escape on a non resistant but on escape heal on a resitant, or both no matter what? If it’s both, that’s a major punishment.

To trigger an On Escape move I’m pretty sure they have to actually swap, though since such a combo does not yet exist it’d be hard to say definitively. That was my intention for the minor heal to be a safety against immune things, though if they both do activate on the attempt I may have made it better than intended :sweat_smile:

As amazing the name carnoraptor is, it doesn’t really sound cool. How about, Allorataurus!