Ideas for my deck?

Ok so I recently got a couple legendaries this month and I need help on what I can and should use because I am a dum dum😅

I think your team is fairly decent as is, but you gotta level them up. Won’t do much good if you’re grinding to get Indoraptor but neglect to level up the rest of your team. Set goals when you go out dino hunting to focus on specific creature components.

I’m kinda wishy-washy when it comes to Tryostronix. It’s like an immune, slightly modified version of Pyrritator. So if you find yourself looking to make a few changes, maybe try swapping Tryo for Suchotator (after leveling it up a little).

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Your team is solid just missing a bleeder! Lethal wound packing variety for best results

Gorgosuchus this patch is not as good as spinotasuchus, consider saving the precious kapro DNA on spinotasuchus. You can also put suchotator in if your pyrritator cannot catch up your team level later on.