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Ideas for new abilities


I thought about some new abilities, which I think would be verry cool:

I’d like to see the swap in speed up.
So if you swap in a dino with swap in speed up he’s faster than the fastest dino (unless the
swap in dino is verry slow) but it can be undone with a nullifying ability.

Rage (that’s how I would call it)
With a rage ability the dino has 50% chance of getting a double hit. So if it does a raging strike, and it gets the double hit, it does 2.0 damage instead of 1.0 damage.

Instinct (that’s how I would call it) passive ability
If a dino has the instinct ability, it does something when its health gets dangerously low (beneath 0.1 of the total health)
For example it does a strike, impact or rampage
Or it does a speed up, or a ferocity.
I would call it instinct impact and instinct ferocity.

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I just want Ludia to fix all the bugs in the game before they consider anything like this. There are ones that have been around since 1.4.

Then, once they have do that, this ma be something they could look at .

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