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Ideas for new dino's

I’d like to see some new not-hybrids. These are the ones I’d like to see the most:

Yutirannus common
Decent health, good damage, 10 crit but al little bit shielding strike
Defence shattering impact

Quanlong rare
Good damage, verry fast but low health
Defence shattering strike
Ferocious strike

Troodon epic
High damage, decent speed but low health
Nullifying strike
Lethal wound
Disracting impact or distracting rampage
Swap in distraction

Deinosuchus epic
High health, decent speed but low damage
Nullifying strike
Distracting rampage
Instant distraction

I’ve also thought about hybrids with the quanlong, deinosuchus and the Yutirannus:

Yuranodon=Pteranodon + yutirannus
Decent health, decent damage and pretty fast
Shielding strike
Defence shattering impact
Nullifying impact
Impact and run
Swap in ferocity

Defence shattering counter
Deinolong=Deinosuchus + quanlong
Decent health, good damage and verry fast
Nullifying strike
Ferocious strike
Instant distraction


What are the base dino’s for the dakotaraptor?
Or is it a not-hybrid?

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Not a hybrid. :smiley:

It’s a raptor, like utahraptor. Just less known. It’s my fav. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t new it existed.

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Pterry need one.

Mamenchisaurus!!! My favourite sauropod.