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Ideas for new dinosaurs

Here are ten dinosaurs that I would love to be added in the next 5 weeks but I don’t really care about how long it takes as long as they are added to the game.

  1. The buck rex from the lost world
  2. The jp3 ceratosaurus
  3. The jpog carcharodontosaurus
  4. The giganotosaurus from jurassic world evolution
  5. The vivid acrocanthosaurus from jurassic world evolution
  6. The dire wolf with 8 coat colors
  7. The elasmosaurus from jurassic world the game
  8. Baby varients of all the dinosaurs already in the game and new dinosaurs to come
  9. The styracosaurus from jurassic world evolution
  10. The abertosaurus from jurassic world evolution

Yes, this one would be awesome in JWA. In fact, they could add a Gen 2 and have one of the other great JWE Acro skins in the game.