Ideas for new hybrids

I have a lot of ideas for new hybrids. I don’t think the are all good and usefull, but I’ll just write the all down here.
spinotasuchus + miragaia
maiasaura + concavenator
concavenator + wuerhosaurus
Maianator + wuerhonator
Secodontosaurus + stegodeus
Arambourgiania + carnotaurus
Dracoceratops + diplotator
Pachycephalosaurus + ankylocodon
Gigaspikasaurus + tryostronix
Scaphognathus + suchomimus

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Until now we have no hybrids made by superhybrids. Many of your ideas are a bit unrealistic. After that, an explanation of the strategy, moves, stats, and role in the meta will be good.


That is a lot of work with all of my ideas…

I’ll pick out the best and do it with those.

Just put series of two names and their fused name is not really interesting. Just grammar.

Grammar? I don’t understand.

So would pankylocodon be immune and have stun abilities?

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Yes. Now you say it I think he’s pretty good!

I didn’t think much about the atacks. I just looked for dino’s without hybrids and searched for another dino that would fit with the other…

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Yeah that 1 really caught my attention because it could be very useful or become OP. Like should it have armor and would probably get decelerating strike 1 cooldown and then stunning rampage cooldown of 3 turns. Plus 1 more attack I’m not sure about and be immune. Might be funny looking though :joy:

I am now thinking about the atacks of:

Maiasaura + dracoceratops

Minimal speedup Strike
Instant Rampage
Impact and run
Swap 2x


Tany + Ankylodon

A speedy Nullifier that can keep itself safe with shields and can even shatter shields.

For skills I’m thinking:

Nullifying Strike
Short Defense
Defense Shattering Impact
Nullifying Rampage
Swap In invincibility
Nullifying Counter.

Monolometrodon + Dracoceratops

A slow immune cannon, possessing high attack stat with medium life and low speed.

For skills I’m thinking:

Nullifying Strike
Instant Rampage
Precision Impact
Distracting Rampage
Swap In Rampage

Stegoceratops + Secodontosaurus

A immune slowing tank with tremendous bulk.


Slowing Impact
Extended Critical Strike
Instant Charge

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Superhybrids don’t get hybrids. So take spinotasuchus, stegodeus, tryostronix, and gigaspike hybrid off the list lol

I am amused :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll pop in a couple–
Brachiosaurus + Dimorphodon
Indominus Rex + Gallimimus


The indominomimus would be super cool but possibly break the game lol. If it can cloak and use either nullify or evasive would give it an unfair advantage. It would have to have somewhat of a lower health since it will probably be pretty fast. Would it just be a big bird shaped more like indominus or…?

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And indominus already has two hybrids…

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It’s exactly how I supposed him, but with less instant damage. Maybe just a swap in common rampage or an attack nerf. Draco can either take a second superhybrids with an hadrosaur for capitalize his fragile stunner nature, gaining swap in stun, 100% stun move, greater stunning rampage, superiority strike and at last hit and run.

I got the atacks figured out:

Instead of secodontodeus I used secodontocephalus
Secodontocephalus: (secodontosaurus+amargocephalus)

Defence from invincable, immunity and armor. And when it’s ready it uses defence shattering impact and rampage
Decent health, high damage and of course armor. But slow

Vulnerability strike
Defence shattering impact
Defence shattering rampage
Instant invincability
Medium counter

Pankylocodon: ( pachycephalosaurus + ankylocodon)

With his atacks it always has the opportunity.
Decent health, decent rampage, around the 118 speed, luttel armor and 10 procent critical

Shielding strike
Decelerating impact
Defence shattering impact
Greater stunning rampage

Suchognathus ( Suchomimus + scaphognatus)

It’s the ultimate DoT creature!
High speed, decent damage but low health

Minimal wounding strike
Gashing wound
Swap in wound

Carnogiania ( carnotaurus + arambourgiania)

Swap it in if your dino is almost knocked out
Decent health, decent damage, decent speed.
In short: everything decent

Vulnerebality strike
Long protection
Cleansing impact
Defence shattering counter
Swap in invincability

Maianator ( maiasaura + concavenator)

A good counter for fast creatures
Decent speed, high health but low damage

Pinning strike
Greater stunning impact
Defence shattering rampage
Impact and run
Defence shattering counter

Wuerhonator ( wuerhosaurus + concavenator)

A good counter for though creatures
High health, speed around 110, decent damage and
15 procent armor

Superiority strike
Short Defence
Defence shattering impact
Instant distraction
Defence shattering counter

Mairhonator ( Maianator + wuerhonator)

It can take on almost everything, if the enemy is fast or verry though, it doesn’t matter
High health, decent damage, little armor and speed around 112

Superiority strike
Greater stunning impact
Defence shattering rampage
Instant distraction
Defence shattering counter

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Please no it wold be so flip’n OP