Ideas for new updates for Jurassic World The Game


Hi, I’m Ana, one of the many users of the Jurassic World game. Throughout my experience in the game I’ve seen and done pretty cool things in the game, it’s usually pretty good, but like everyone else, I think there are things that can be improved and / or implemented in the game for greater and best gaming experience. I hope you are cordial and read these suggestions and ideas that I have for future updates, and that Ludia more than anything, think it quite well … Well, my ideas are the following:

- Battles between friends. Be friends with facebook or, as in Jurassic World Alive, add to the rivals you’ve ever fought with, or add them from your username. Do not you think it would be quite incredible to have mutual competitiveness with your friends? In addition to using the system of battles here that for me is one of the best, having a battle online with your friends in real time would be very cool.

- To be able to visit the parks of your friends. While you have friends added, having the opportunity to visit their parks would be spectacular, who has not asked how is the park of your friends or other users? Visiting the park of your friends or other users is a pretty great idea.

- Creation of Jurassic Clans and Battles of Jurassic Clans. Have the opportunity to create a Jurassic clan with your friends to compete against other Jurassic clans. Who would not want to compete in a great Jurassic battle of clans? … And how would this system be? Good. Seeing the limitations of the game, a good idea would be that at the time of making such battles, it would be that the clans would settle for 10 to 15 players, so that at the time of a battle of Jurassic clans, they rip off that players will fight with others. players, something like a roulette, or else, clan players challenge others on their own. Each battle won by a clan player adds points for the clan, and the clan that manages to accommodate the points at the end of the clan battle, which would be good for a day, and at the end of the day the clan that accumulates more points win a prize perhaps called “Jurassic Clan Reward / s” or "Clan Battle Reward"

- Tournaments of divided species. Implement split species tournaments … How is that? Well, for example, make a Carnivore tournament, another Herbivore, another Pterosaurs, Cenozoic tournament, in short, I think I made myself understood. And so give you a reward of at least two tournament carnivores or depending on the species. A tournament that takes place every month.

- Tournament of Jurassic Clans. Just like the battles of Jurassic clans, a special tournament in which the best Jurassic clans fight for the grand prize.

- A better way to get velociraptor S-DNA. The way to get it is very tired, even becoming boring, that’s why it would be great a new and better way to get this happy S-DNA velociraptor and S-DNA from other dinos.

And well those are my ideas, I hope that at least they took them into account, I would like to know what is your opinion about it, thank you very much and we read later.