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Ideas For Resilient Flocks

Here My Resilient Flocks

And there hybrids

What your resilient or fierce flocks


ADS (alert decelerating strike) is meant to no cool down and ADS low is not meant have priority, and Stampede is meant to have 2 turn cooldown


Ewww a flock with swap in savagery, 2 shield moves, DSR and Immunity to Speed Decrease, seems rather op.


Proto gen 2 is meant have 15% armor
Proto gen 1 and proto stego are meant 20% armor


I think Lystrosaurus would be a bit too big to be a flock creature (fitting more with the Moschops and Scutosaurus rig), but not it’s ancient relative Diictodon! (Not entirely sure if Diictodon would be a Fierce, Resilient, or Fierce-Resilient flock though. :thinking:)

Like the concept ideas though! :wink::+1:

The new flock i want to see is owens raptors lol and when they get killed off, it be in sequence to the way they died in the movie.

Scorpius gen 3 counters it

Perhaps peltephillus could be a Resilient flock

I also don’t think we will see Lystrosaurus before jurassic world dominion

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I think these creatures are waaaaayyyyy to big to be flocks

I think Protoceratops would be fine as a flock creature (it can be a flock of 2, I checked the toolbox and it is possible for it to be a 2 creature flock!), Lystrosaurus is the one that’s a bit too large to be in a flock.