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Hello Ludia games I had a few ideas for this game rather it being new dragons to the game new idea’s for levels and others stuff on that line so let me explain what my idea is for dragons after some events and stuff. We like the dragons from the game but I feel like the game should a little more room for more dragons. For example one of the most known dragons in the fandom is the hobblegrunt or another one is the speed stinger I feel like they should be added into the game I had some ideas for both of the abilities like the speed stinger could have the lock spirit ultimate and the hobblegrunt can have like invisible where it had to get a hit and it would miss rather than take damage. Some other Idea’s are for other story’s like it could be like and rtte story line or make some level where you could win the super tokens but make it hard for people, so they have to work for it. For the arena I know you gonna have to make a system and stuff but maybe you could do what you did with the live battle arenas in Jurassic world the people have their own team and each person take a turn one by one. Currently, that’s all I got but here a list of some cool dragons you could add later in the game

terrible terror
Death Song
Fireworm (Queen)
Tripe Stryke
Night Terror
Sand Buster
Armor Wing
Tidal Glider
Cavern Crasher
Grim Gnasher

again these are all just ideas I know it lot but just wanna help the game get cooler is all but tell me your thoughts on this

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They are adding the Razorwhip, Hotburple and the Scauldron at some point.

Well I know that lol for one I made another post requesting new dragons like 2 month after the game was released lol

Oh soz I didn’t realise…

Its OK :slight_smile: it was a comment on another post but still I was the only one talking about as far as I know I just hope they add sand wraith or speed stinger those are my favorite

I may suggest that you should reduce the time amount of the energy in the clan because 4 hours are too long, beside I think that everyone wants to defeat the alpha as soon as possible. May be you should add some rewards to the ones who have contributed a lot to the clan they’re in, I think this is may be a good or bad idea, well, I do not know what other opinions say.


Most, if not all, will be added at some point ( :


Hi Luddia games! A feature I would really like to see come to the game is being able to breed toothless and the light fury to get the night lights! It wouldn’t really mater if they could battle or not, I would really just like to have them in the game to get a closer look at them and maybe even pet them! No other game has a petting feature like this one and I think it would be so adorable if we could be able to see the night lights up close! Thanks!

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Thought this would be the most appropriate place to put this idea