Ideas for the next hybrid pursuits under the Coronavirus lockdown

Just got an idea and wanted to share it here…
Since this seems like just the beginning, and like something that could last a few months…

I think it would be interesting, and rewarding, if Ludia could fast-forward the “best” pursuits we have left.
Finding Bajas and Iguanodons in your Gigas is not nice… it ends up feeling like a wasted spawn.
But Mammoths? Turtles? Deers?
I don’t think this idea would break or damage the arena… it could actually renew it, since very strong dinos behind pay-walls would suddenly be avalaible for the whole community.

Just something to think about.
Hope the next batch of ideas for this global lockdown situation come as fast as they can.
Thanks for your time.


Yo quisiera poder desplazarme por el mapa sin salir de mi casa, porque no puedo salir, por seguridad contra el covid-19.

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Translated From Spanish

I would like to be able to move around the map without leaving my house, because I cannot leave, for security against the covid-19.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

I think they should add 1 F/I/P for every battle win in the arena.

Not 1 of each…(?!). Just 1.

People would play more, and level more dinos in sanctuary.

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maybe they should add coronaceratops

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