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Ideas for uniques that I should go for

I was wondering what uniques i should use. Right now I am currently using
Thoradolasaur- 24 Trykosaurs- 22
Dracoceratosaurs- 23 Erlidomimus- 22
Alloraptor- 21 Dracoceratops- 20
Ankytrosaurs- 20 Monolameterodon- 22

Note that these creature are boosted exept for ankytro.
Please give me any suggestions about what creature I should use and what creature I should replace it with.

Also is tenotorex any good?

If you’re planning to make new uniques, focus on making them and leveling them. If you’re planning to stay on your team, try and keep the levels close so the level gap won’t be >2. Meaning you should hold off leveling your higher creatures even when they’re available until your lowest has caught up#
tenontorex is good and I would recommend replacing ankyntroaurus

ok thanks for the advice.

Yes, Tenrex is a monster. Also, replacing Ankyntro would help

The whole level gap don’t level up your high dinos until your low ones catch up is rubbish don’t worry about it very much tenrex is good if you are willing to boost it and it’s probably a good idea to trade anky for someone else but otherwise ur team is fine

Some try to balance the arena, some try to destroy it

im thinking about replacing ankytro with tenoto rex. dracoceratops or dracoceratosaurs with orion, and monolametrodon with magna.

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I think if u decide to replace one of these two, maybe the unique, I believe I’ve read others say its not exactly as amazing as its legendary predecessor, though I may be wrong

the lengedary has more health, less attack, and less speed but the health gives it the advantage in my oppinion so you can tank more damage for a future swap in in the same battle.