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Ideas for updates to come

So first off, skins, sorting order, and teams/clans.
Skins, i would like to see diffrent colors of the same dino, maybe something like a comon to a unique color for all dino types from common to unique dinos, it gets kinda bland after a while seeing the same dinos over and over again, some being very boring like grey or a dark dirty green, i know the diloph is supposed to be special but come on, not every dino in a perfect mirror image, animals addapt to the envirnment and sometimes have random/wierd looks.

Sorting, pleeeease can we get a sorting mecanic or something, like whats my strongest dino or my fastest dino, or my highest level fastest /strongest know where im going?

And teams. Not a must but how about a genearl team of 4, maybe like the fast team of dinos, strong team, or healthy team, that would be a nice add, oh and have clan tournaments.
Those are my thoughts for the ludia team.

I kind of like the idea of skins, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.
One thing I’ve been interested in would be information regarding creature usage. Perhaps the top 500 would be good data to retrieve from. There could be a list somewhere that indicates how many players in the top 500 are using each dinosaur. For example:
Stegodeus 497
Indoraptor 481
Monomimus 426

Velociraptor 48

Kaprosuchus 1
But who knows, maybe I just like stats too much!

Idea for next update:

Ludia pulls the wads of cash out of their ears to hear the sounds of player feedback.

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What about shiny dinosaurs like in Pokémon?

What if, instead of shinies, they’d introduce “DNA rich” dinosaurs, which you can recognize due to a subtle glow, and they net you twice the DNA. Chances would be the same of finding an epic, for example.

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I love these ideas! They are amazing!
I have also got som ideas! Custom battles! What if you could select a dino or up to 3 dinos to fight against… then you could set their levels to the level you want! And maby you could even invite a friend to team with you in your custom battle. It could be like battle grounds or something!

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