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Ideas how to improve pvp/matchmaking

I’ve started playing this game this summer and i’ve been enjoying pvp somewhat as my ragtag epics team climbed all the way up to aviary. Older stat boost system allowed to compensate/ stenghten those dinos so they could somewhat stand up to legendaries at least. At times it was kinda fun, but i’ve felt that my team belong to league 1000 trophies below.
With stat boost update things got rough. 9/10 teams i face are 3-5 lvls above me and usually they have at least 1 unique. I still dip into aviary daily, but pvp became stressful chore. Its the part of game i hate the most. Couple of my friends i started playing this game together, hate it. Its only natural to hate losing.

Current system may seem fair, but its just not fun. So here’s my suggestion, which i think, should provide more balanced matchmaking.

Replace arenas based on battle medallions to arenas based on ‘intricate’ total team strength evaluation, or just max dino level. And provide people or AI opponents from the same arena requirement limitation. Moving to different tier arena would require to change up the team. This would allow simpler way to climb/drop to different arenas for incubator dna farming.

Scoring within arena would work similarly to current battle medallion system, and % position within arena should give better bonus monthly rewards. At the end of month you’d get best reward you’ve earned in whichever arena you’ve performed the best.

Thats more or less the idea. Feels like i should get annoyed way less in this system. Please consider player mental health :stuck_out_tongue: