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Ideas of more dinosaurus

send me pictures of your created dinosaurs

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10 characters suck

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Cave lion
Deliberate prowl
Medium nullifying counter
resistance distraction 100%

i dont think it should have devastation if it is a pure cunnig. Maybe like cunning rampage

but devastation is precise which is cunning

well I mean in the sense that resilients have devastation, but idk if carboto is a cunning or cunning resilient, but none the less, it is a hybrid, cave lion is not

Percision would be resilient as it bypasses a cunning ability, that being dodge(something resilients are meant to counter), devestation also taunts which is used on high hp resilient primarily

On the other hand i feel like its wierd giving it devstation and immunity to distraction and such low hp and idk its just wierd

We should have Ultimasaurus combining Mortem Rex and Ceramagnus

Lythronax gen 2: epic health: 2020 attack; 679 attacks:devastation, instant invincibility, dig in taunt class: resilient hybrid: lykylonasaurus: ankylosaurus gen 2 and lythronax gen 2 rarity: legendary super hybrid: nothing