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Ideas of new Incubators

Ludia has been adding more and more Incubators, like boosts, Scents, Dna but we didn’t get some that would be useful.

  1. Coins: Coins are essential for leveling up, with little coins in incubators, we should get a incubator wth bunch of COINS!!! They wouldn’t too easy or hard to get. Like level 10-18’s.
  2. Choiced: Choiced incubators give two creatures each time to choose, like it can offer Brachi and Rex to choose, so if you dont want one you can get the other
  3. Rare Week Exclusive: We have an epic exclusive strike each Friday but why dont we get one but Rare exclusive Dna on Thursday because epic is not one of the hard rarities.

If you want to add more put them in the comments.


"Rare and Epic daily incubator"

On the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we would have a daily Rare and Epic Incubator.


Defeat 10 Creatures for a Normal Incubator.
Defeat 25 Creatures for a Rare Incubator.
Defeat 50 Creatures for a Epic Incubator.

You would have to defeat 85 creatures to earn an epic Incubator! (this could encourage players to play in the arenas).

In these Incubators they could have Boosts (as well as in the Normal Incubator of 10 Creatures).

And the amount of Stat Boosts would be equal to the normal incubator (I don’t want any more imbalance in this game)

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Umm 85? That is like 30 battles winning.

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Yah I’m up for that

Lately I have no reason to fight in the arena … I really wanted to have a reason.

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Unless your in low arenas, yes but in aviary and up, nope.

Do it like 50 kills.

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I made a change (3 days).

defeat 100 for a premium inc :smirk:

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It wouldn’t be a bad idea … :wink:

Fip tokens,
Increase boost quantity to reflect the current pay out for boosts in general
No Alanqa because it is always in incubators and has been for many patches
More coin
More DNA distribution instead of meager sneeze splat of DNA.

Sounds all fine and dandy. But I do no see morale improved because of the unbalanced and broken arena.

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