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Ideas of the next dinosaurs

i think for a gen2 carnotaurus and have a nictosaurus

Carnotaurus gen 2


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Both cool ideas!

Thank you @Therizino2.0 .

Would be nice if you could consolidate all your suggestions in one Thread rather than making many. For example, these suggestions could fit into your Thread of “Ideas of new dinosaur” and “Dinosaurs that deserve a gen 2, my list.”


Here are 2 hybrid ideas that I have created.

This is the first one.
Shunthosaurus: Made of Shunosaurus and Corythosaurus.

Tier: Legendary Hybrid
Cost: 16-17,500k dna
Type: Herbivore


Level 10:
1246 Health
412 Attack

Level 20:
1891 Health
783 Attack

Level 30:
2755 Health
1259 Attack

Level 40:
4020 Health
1602 Attack

Here is the second one.

Scaphodon: Made of Scaphognathus and Iguanadon.

Tier: Tournament Hybrid
Cost: 55-60k dna
Type: Herbivore


Level 10:
1809 Health
1206 Attack

Level 20:
2689 Health
1967 Attack

Level 30:
3704 Health
3016 Attack

Level 40:
5307 Health
4031 Attack


Well, you should consider increasing rates.

are very good ideas!

Also Scaphodon is pretty weak 4 being a tourney hybrid.

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but for scaphognatus I had imagined (sphenacognatus) sphenacodon + scaphognatus.


dino idea.
in his son, everyone can put his dino ideas, you can, if you want, also put pictures of your ideas!

Quetzalquatus gen 2


What about scolosaurus or giraffatitan

I put girafatitan in an old son

My two predictions are edmontoguanodon and dracoceratops since their ingredients exist now.

Rarity (tournament)=
Iguanodon level 40 + edmontosaurus level 40
5890 health
4120 attack

Rarity (tournament) =
Dracorex level 40 + triceratops gen 2 level 40
6430 health
3960 attack

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excellent forecast and excellent statistics @Altithorax_Perotorum !

I think that there should be a hybrid with Indoraptor. Or a hybrid of your own choice.

If there’s two dinos that I would absolutely love to see in the game… they’d be Deinosuchus and Deinonychus.

In terms of Gen 2 and new hybrids… I feel like we definitely need a stronger amphibian than Gorgosuchus, and also a stronger pterosaur would be nice (Metriaphodon is really good but something that is not a glass cannon). Maybe using some of the herbivore tournament creatures (like Dracorex, Iguanodon, Triceratops Gen 2, Brachiosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Parasaurolophus Gen 2, etc.) would be nice because we seem to have a lot of those.

Also, personally I don’t like where we are headed with the Gen 2 creatures. They’re cool and strong and all that, I just feel like eventually one day, we’ll have Gen 2 versions of every single creature in the entire game. We only have two tournament hybrids for aquatics (Megarchelon & Dunkleosaurus) and cenozoics (Mammotherium & Smithetoceras). I think Ludia should focus on those, at least BEFORE creating a Gen 2 copy of every single land dino in the game

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I think Ludia will make more believable hybrids, e.g. they would never do Dracoceratops or Sphenacognathus imao.

Well i just say they could bring them bacm sinc ethey transfer other hybrids from jwa

Hi guys, I’m back!
I say they definitely have to add a new gen 2 amphibian: Koolasuchus gen 2
Then a new pterosaur could come out: Arambourgiania
And a new herbivore: Giraffatitan.

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Perhaps they do a mayhem event. But since we already had a tournament month already it’s not so likely