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Ideas on future raid bosses for Friday

Im suggesting Tryostronix for legendary, dimetrodon for rare, Unique spino constrictor and epic being Allosaurus gen 2

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That spinoconstricter
raid seems good! I really want a snake boss

Quetzocoatlus for rare mondayl

Ardentismaxima boss would be fun :joy:, with tons of health and attack or Geminititan.

Thur spino

Add ideas for other suggestions but unique fri spinoconstrictor seems good for unique.Hed be tough for sure.

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I would say personal brachio

Rare Gorgosaurus boss

Imagine how big a Sauropod boss would be on the map… would be awesome and somewhat frightening at the same time :laughing:

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Yeah,Totally horrifying

I would be very split on doing this raid in all honestly lol
For one, I feel like it will be like stigy raid where its constant bleed moves which i find sooo annoying, and I am not sure I’d be wanted as a raid boss like megalosuchus, but I’d end up doing the raid to get all the dna anyways

Those sound cool.

What if we had a flock raid

a flock raid would be interesting, but at the same time sounds like a challenge, but I’d be interested to see how it goes
and happy birthday! :birthday: :tada:

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I’d like to have an Ankylosaurus Raid Boss. It is a component in two strong hybrids, Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur, so being able to earn Anky DNA weekly will make unlocking and leveling up those creatures easier.

Also, here is a concept for an Anky Raid Boss that I created:

Boss Round 1

anky boss r1 jwa concept

Boss Round 2

anky boss r2 jwa concept