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Ideas para JWA ( Opinión Personal ) // Ideas for JWA (Personal Opinion)

PvP 2vs2

Es una pequeña idea más que nada para darle uso a dinos iniciales que tiene ataques grupales ,esta idea está inspirada en el 2vs2 de Clash Royale y sería como el PvP de JWA toolbox la verdad me parece una buena idea también sería bueno para Dra origen a un nuevo meta en el juego y para darle más variedad

Se que la imagen está mal editado pero lo ise a la rápida

It is a small idea more than anything to give use to initial dinos that have group attacks, this idea is inspired by the 2vs2 of Clash Royale and it would be like the PvP of JWA toolbox the truth seems to me a good idea it would also be good for Dra origin a a new meta in the game and to give you more variety I know the image is badly edited but I saw it quickly

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  • brain pain in apatosaurus is a legendary and scolosaurus is a rare even though their both commons*
    ( PS: this is a good idea, just thought i should point that out)

interesting ideas but the rarities are wrong


Si lo de las rarezas está mal lo sé solo que me daba flojera cambiarlo ya lo ise a lo rápido

Translated From Spanish

“If the oddities thing is wrong, I only know that I was lazy to change it and I saw it quickly”

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

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