Ideas to fix resil meta

I should note that these aren’t my proposed changes, just some stream of consciousness thoughts I’ve had over the past few weeks.

  1. Weaknesses

These are designed to be the opposite of resistances. However, some resistances wouldn’t translate like others, so I made a list here

Distraction: normal distraction amount plus % of weakness (I.e. 50% distraction on a 50% weak creature would yield 75% distraction)
Deceleration: normal Decel amount plus % of weakness
Stun: All stuns aimed towards a creature will land, regardless of RNG (a GSS aimed at a Stun weak creature is going to land no matter what)
Swap Prevention: A lockdown lasts for 2x long (A 1 turn lockdown turns into 2)
Rend and Bleed: All Rend/Bleed attacks deal 1.5x normal (MW would do 0.6 instead of 0.4)

  1. New Resistances

Pretty basic, but basically, every class now has a resistance (and by extension a weakness). A 50% resistance to resilient means that resilient attacks/creatures (part or pure) do % less damage (I.e. A Max using RS against a 50% resistant creature would do 600 damage instead of 1200). Wild cards are not affected by these resistances

  1. Cripple

A new status effect I think should only be as widespread as definite is right now, Cripple cuts damage and speed by 50%, regardless of resistance or weakness. Once in place, a cripple cannot be cleansed. This effect is pretty powerful, and would do great against some monsters like Lux or Nitro Thor. Only drawback is that it’s so powerful that I don’t think it should be very common.

These were just some thoughts I’ve played with past few days, NOT any definitive thoughts or proposals

well then, that’s a nightmare for my constrictor(if I read that right)

dude i am DOWN for the class resistances

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These weren’t for any rework pitches so much as just ideas

So the Jurassic world the game system basically

Agreed, but also The Solution to the Meta + Endgame Fierce Concepts :wink:

This sounds good on paper, but have you worked out the specifics? Would this apply to all creatures of a class, or just some? How would hybrid classes be handled? What class would a fierce-resilient be resistant to - cunnings and resilients, or just resilients (since resilient would be weak to fierce, but cunning would be weak to resilient but resist fierce)? Plus this depends on Ludia actually classifying things correctly. Right now poor classifications (like Spionyx being Cunning-Fierce) are just aesthetic, but this mechanic would make them actually matter.

The one issue with this that I think the most people would have an issue with is it would make all the classes even stronger against one another, and many people already don’t like how “rock-paper-scissors” the game is with the class system as it is now.


You could make hybrids have a primary class and a secondary class and let the primary class define what class bonus it should have.

It was an idea I thought of in context of giving the resistance to Mortem, Rex, and Acro, so that they beat what they should without any major changes cough Lux and Rhino cough. This could be applied to other case like making Thor weak to cunning, but I’m really just spitballing here.

The relation to the RPS dynamic was in the context of the game rn. I don’t anticipate it changing, and if the resistances would only be given to extreme cases, like Rhino and Lux. I think the system doesn’t work, but we’re stuck with it for now, so lets make the best of it