Ideas to help fix boosts

I have 2 ideas to help fix boosts. First is replace the speed boost with a dodge. Base dodge of 2% for all dinos added to the game and with the boosts you can add an additional 10-12% this is in addition to dodge boost from evasiveness and other effects. This would liven up the game a lot I feel. A lot of times i give up early knowing the outcome of the fight however if there was a chance to dodge that defensive shattering rampage i would have to stay till the end.

Second idea to help boosts is they need to make them not bound to the dino. You should be able to remove all boosts and apply them to whichever dino you need at the time. The main reason behind this change is because currently there is no point in leveling dinos that aren’t on your team. I can keep leveling gigaspika like i was doing in 1.6 but why would I if he can’t survive on my team without boosts. If not we are forever stuck with the same 8 dinos or forced to lose all those valuable boosts to bring in a new team member.

Do nothing they are fine. What can we do to fix complainers? That thread I want to read

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Second part has been requested 1,274,543 times already. It also needs to be a weekly thing on a timer (once a week only) that doesnt cost hard cash.


I know Ludia’s stance will be: Why fix them when they are not broken. Actually working as expecting or even exceeding expectation. Whenever we sale boosts all these minions will just blindingly buy them (I am a minion too); so just enjoy revenue pouring-in … :slight_smile:

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They are not fine at all. I’m surprised that people don’t see how terrible idea it was to introduce them.

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@cainshiro people obviously see that they are a problem and are broken LOL where have you been the past weeks? :rofl::rofl: but since Ludia won’t remove them and it looks like boosts are here to stay, we have to accept them (or quit if youre really mad about it :joy:).

We just have to make the best of it and enjoy :sunglasses::man_shrugging:

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@Dbustos why would you even suggest adding dodge % to every dino? Thats the craziest thing yet :joy: we don’t want nor do we need more RNG problems! :no_good_man:

Fix boosts you say?! giphy


We just need a boost arena and a non-boost arena.

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I would personally like to see boosts become generic rather than tied to a stat, and then allow customizing of the dinosaur’s stats freely through a sort of slider-type interface. You can allocate the points as you see fit but can’t max out everything that way.

So your Thora could be crazy fast OR hit like a freight train but not both. Then it can become another layer of strategy instead of this overpowering thing that, at this point, matters even more than levels do

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It’s more than clear that the vast majority of players despise the boosts, and rightfully so. I always see one or two people defending boosts, they must be the ones murking everyone lol


Boost’s have had almost no effect on my Arena standing as I’m roughly at the same trophy count I was Prior. With that being said I don’t think boo should go away altogether but rather be tweaked, they could change the arena for the better with some slight modifications to their implementation

Boosts have had a strong effect for me being roughly 800 trophies higher then before 1.7. But i agree with the tweaked comments they could have been something more, something that could have added depth to the game instead their just another level cap.

There have been a ton of good suggestions like limiting an amount of boosts a dino can recieve… ie 10 boosts per dino you decide how you want to spend those…


Same here, I’m still at the same spot as before boosts dropped

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I am only at 5k trophies. Before this I already knew if I would lose or win based on the dino and level. Now I never know. Much more fun in my opinion. I could get beat easily or win easilym but not knowing how it’s gunna go down anymore is what I like. Much less boring than before. I really love boosts. And I not a huge spender, though I have bought a couple of them.

That is bull. Let’s say it is 2 to 2 dinos down and last move your opponent brought in thor to finish off your second dino. Now you have diraja and tryko left against a speed boosted 135 thor. You have already lost and you haven’t even made a move yet.

Let’s say you go tryko and distract the rampage and do 1000 damage then you take a stun and another rampage and dead. Or swap in diraja after the stun but thor crits diraja again dead.

Yes and my assumption is you bought all those boosts correct? So roughly you’ve paid over 20k in hard cash to go up 800 trophies.

Boosts have been in the game for a while now. The fix on the speed boosts have helped a lot. The average boost I see is tier 5 which is very easy to obtain with some exception of tier 6-7.

I have no problem with boots anymore at the start yes, but now that I also had the chance to buy boosts with some easy to earn HC I have started to like the boosts.
It gives some variation to the arena and you have another thing to work for, However Boosts are the best for the people who already unlocked multiple Tyrants such as Thor, Tryko and Magna. I can understand that these boosts are not that favorable for some players.

The problems remains that if you want to have to best chances in arena you are forced to boosts your Dinosaurs that will be replaced later on because you will unlock better ones.
You are also forced to buy the boosts from the store when they are available if you don’t do it you fall behind.
So honestly I understand both sides, people who hate boosts and people that like them.

I personally think that they do not have to change the boosting system eventually everything will balance out more or less.

How to fix and balance boosts? Remove them lol. All problems solved! :wink:

I know it wont happen, but I can dream. :yum:

I have a boosted Thorn 164 speed, she is hungry. You are her dinner xd