Ideas tribe

You could put the tribe giving upgrades (use a tribe’s fishing hut, use a sawmill that can only be used with the tribe, increase iron capacity, reduce travel time for each dragon, increase the containment capacity of the hangar, reduce time Toothless exploration and white fury exploration time reduction) In the tribe you could chat, exchange resources, dragons and brawl tokens, and you could add a resource only searchable with the tribe and its packs could only be bought through the tribe in exchange for runes.
The tribe may have levels where at the last level all tribe upgrades (which like the legendary dragons will cost in runes) will cost in resources.The level of the tribe can be increased if one or more members manages to donate an equal number of resources to those required for the upgrade by being able to donate runes if you do not want to use iron, wood and fish. Upgrading the tribe level in the first levels could increase the level of the tribe buildings (like the tribe’s fishing hut) it gives with a slight increase in the rune cost and in the following levels the rune cost could be reduced until the rune cost is converted into resources.To perform the upgrades you will need to donate to the alliance runes or resources which the leader will then use to activate the upgrades.
Each tribe could also make a war against other tribes in which the participating members are divided into groups with the opponents and can meet in the battles only the opponents of the same group.The groups will be composed of people having the same level of the 2 cards at the highest level. and the legendary card at the highest level.The war lasts for a week and every day you will have to make at least one attack per day.After using your attack each member can continue to make attacks.In case a member without attacks and an opponent with an attack collide the one who has the attack will win or lose war points while the one who has nothing will not lose or win anything. scuffle slot or will give resources if the packet boxes are full.The Tribe War Victory or Defeat Pack will vary by tribe level. It will give you lots of tokens and some resources and treasure. At Tribe level 5 the pack will give 25% chance to find a guaranteed legendary; at level 10 a guaranteed legendary + 25% to find a second legendary token; at level 15 one guaranteed legendary + 50% chance of finding a second one and at maximum level 20 it will give 2 guaranteed legendaries + 50% of finding a third one. plus and extra chance to find a few more legendaries.
The maximum number of members of an alliance is 20 but this can be increased to 100 through the runes.
The Brawl may also have Brawl Dragons only found in the Tribe War Chest and Brawl Packs in the Tribe Shop, and the Tribe could unlock a new Legendary Dragon that can only be unlocked through it and give the chance to have friendly Brawls.
The tribe level may also unlock additional levels for statues that enhance the collection of certain dragons by adding each level 1% more and new levels for the amber boat.
In addition, the tribe could also allow you to purchase bad dragon riders like the Night Fury Hunter and add travel ability to dragon riders who can’t.
Wars could have started as 20 vs 20.50 vs 50 and 100 vs 100. In addition, it could be made so that as long as the tribe has fewer than 101 members each dragon rider allows you to add an extra seat in the tribe so that a tribe that has 100 subscribers can reach 200. If the tribal leader is a dragon rider he could have both the possibility of starting a 150 vs 150 and 200 vs 200 war and the possibility of starting 2 wars together in which he can put different members for each of the two.

In addition, you could put certain bosses that you could fight with other 4-9 members of the tribe but they do not add anything to the tribe except ranking points.These bosses could give as rewards keys to open event chests that could include runes, resources, packages berk or token packs.
The bosses could be the legendary evil dragons and villains from the movies (Dagur, Draco [who may be related to his alpha], the hunter of dark fury).
Dagur might be the simplest having just ships and his dragon as an army, while legendary dragons might have a lot of life, which will make it take more attacks to defeat them.
Each boss once activated will give you 24 hours to defeat it. Each player will have 1 attack every 6 hours (2 for the dragon riders) which can be speeded up with runes and a maximum of 10 boss attacks (20 for the dragon riders). it can be faced by 10 players and to unlock the next 10 tribe members they must at least have won against the previous one.
Among the bosses the Green Death could summon dragons every certain number of seconds (recalling to the movie that he had control of the dragons attacking berk). He would also have Draco’s ships alongside him as he controls him. in your village by destroying some houses to be rebuilt through the rubble and stealing resources.The dragon that allows you to revive in events could make it so that as soon as it is defeated all the players who attacked it will have to challenge in brawl style 3 dragons of those bosses of the events but with random levels and if even one loses no one will have their own reward this could allow them to ave re the greatest reward for victory and could only be put on for dragon riders.
The last boss could be the dark fury hunter who has ships and a white fury with him. certain number of seconds launch cages that capture a dragon.Captured dragons can no longer be used by the player until they are released.To free captured dragons, any 10 members of the alliance must initiate an attack on the night fury hunter’s village. The Night Fury Hunter Village will only have defensive structures, the venomous dragons used by the Night Fury Hunter, and prisons that have divided all the dragons captured during the battles your tribe will fight against the Night Fury Hunter. will be able to make an attack every 6h and every 12h 10% of the buildings destroyed by the players will be rebuilt and every day 40% of the buildings r you destroyed will be rebuilt.
This should be the last boss and it should be the riskiest and therefore the one that will give the most rewards.
Each tribe may be able to start multiple boss battles at a time but with different participants and different bosses.
The battle against the night fury hunter’s village could be in a separate section and each time you neither destroy one 100% the next time it attacks it it will be stronger by having the defenses and dragons of a higher and last level event level even the defenses could be strategically placed to make everything more difficult.