Ideas y diseños nuevos / New ideas and designs

Hola buen día o tarde o noche Esta cuarentena me he sentido aburrido así que abro este nuevo tema para que me digan a mi sobre sus ideas sobre híbridos que quisieran en el juego así como de creaturas nuevas Para que yo se las dibuje y eso no es todo le agregaré una ficha de descripción como en el juego y lo mejor de todo es gratis.
Así que espero sus ideas comunidad de Jurassic World Alive


Translated From Spanish

Hello, good day or afternoon or night This quarantine I have felt bored so I open this new topic so that you can tell me about your ideas about hybrids that you would like in the game as well as new creatures For me to draw them and that is not I will add a description card to everything as in the game and the best of all is free.
So I look forward to your ideas Jurassic World Alive community

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Compsognathus gen 2 + Bumpy


ok working on it


dilophosaurus gen 1 con indoraptor gen 2

Working on it

Sorry for taking so long but I was taken back to school by surprise However, here is your order I hope you like it