Ludia please add in pterosaurs, aquatics, and cenozoics sometime in the near future. Also please create an incubator tracker website so you know when you’ll get your next epic or rare incubator. Another thing please add an in game market where you can buy dinosaur DNA of different rarities once you reach certain arenas or levels. I would be thrilled to see these incorporated into Jurassic world alive.


Another thing would be to tweak certain abilities to bring some creatures more in-line with how they’d act in real life.

Take for instance the Sarcosuchus. Who wouldn’t want one of these rather formidable giants on their team? The way they’re unrealistically underpowered now, the answer is No One.

With the sarco, all you need to do is replace its secondary ability to one where it does a death roll that pins the opponent, keeping it from switching - and does 1.5X DoT for 3 turns. This wouldn’t overpower the Sarco, but it would be true to how crocs behave.


I agree with pterosaurs but not aquatics or cenzoic. Those made Jurassic World The Game kind of lame. Well the aquatics were okay but cenzoic seemed dull