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Idée hybride/Hybrid idea

Salut une idée hybride
Alors imaginé un titanoboa et un kentrosaure
Un serpent géant avec une armure en pointe vous en pensez quoi ?
Sans oublier le côté ludia qui va sûrement le rendre plus cool que ma propre image

Translated From French

“Hi a hybrid idea
So imagine a titanoboa and a kentrosaurus
A giant snake with pointed armor what do you think?
Without forgetting the ludia side which will surely make it cooler than my own image”

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@Tommy_Paoli already had a hybrid idea of titanoboa and dilophosuaurs gen 2. IT makes dilophoboa

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Dilophoboa is not part of Tommy’s ideas, it’s a actual hybrid from Jurassic World Alive.


oh. my bad

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it should be orange and green rather than the same colors as titanoboa itself

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in fact, i did it on purpose to put her colors on because it looked good on her, especially with her red eyes, but color is a good idea.