Identify and curses?

Here’s a couple of missed opportunities and fun ways to put some more flavor into the games grind. You should make some weapons/items dropped in chests unidentified and have them require the use of identity scrolls to reveal. Scrolls could be rarely dropped in chests as well but also be sold for between 10-50 gems perhaps depending on how frequently unidentified items would be coded to drop in chests. Perhaps they could also be prizes in future events participation rewards.

I could also see cursed weapons/items being added that would be needed to be fixed. This could be in the form of some item drops looking exactly like existing items but having curses that trigger upon using them to upgrade existing items. Once used to upgrade an item that item would need to be fixed to be used again or perhaps even to be unequipped. Remove curse scrolls could then also be added to rewards or shop purchases.

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