Ides for 2.3

Dear ludia, i have ideas for 2.3. Here they are.

Mega fusion - unlocks at level 20, up to 1000 fusions.

New hybrids - we need a ankylocodon hybrid.

Raid boss - add friday raids.

Weather - it’d be nice to add weather to the game.

That’s all the ideas for update 2.3.


Weather would be an interesting add on to the game, and I’m always up for new hybrids. The mega fusion I have mixed feelings on though.


New Ankylocodon hybrid: Ankylocotherium This is my idea for an Ankylocodon hybrid

I like the idea of weather and different creatures spawning with different weather.
Raids spread out over the weekend would be great, me and my family would be able to do far more raids when we don’t have work and school, boggle my mind that they’re only on Monday-Thurs.
I’d like to be able to buy something that turns a regular orange drop into a green, with many countries on stricter Lockdown we can’t go out as much to chase the creatures spawning under green drops. I could be tempted to use some coins to turn my nearest drop green for a day. Or maybe its something you could unlock for doing daily missions.


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i have a buff for you

Pls tell me.

1,000 fusions would take a lot of time cuz they would have to add new dna limits, that might not take time tho to

Dimodacytlus is it your cake day today?

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It is indeed. I am officially 1 year old now, isn’t it crazy?

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Wow Happy birthday dude!
Hope they make a hybrid for your birthday in the next update!

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!..


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as long as we dont have new raids

:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: yes

Also we definitely need despawning dino indicator such as blinking in last 1 min to despawn which could be blinking faster with less time to despawn.

Care if I open a can of worms and chaos?

Stat Boosts but for Armor and Critical Chances.

I don’t really think this is needed, as I could see it creating chaos for sure. But interested to hear other’s thoughts.

Unlike the current stat boosts that require 100 to level a creature up, I could forsee these two as needing more, like 250 to level a creature up. I would think both critical chances and armor would level up 5% each time.

Do you support stat boosts for critical chances and armor?
  • I support your madness <3
  • Oh god no, not this madness, please no :open_mouth:
  • I just want tacos.

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Do u want to have Aquatics (Including hybrids like Armormata)
  • Yes!!!
  • NO! boo!!!
  • Um…where are the FRIES I ORDERED 5 MINUTES AGO!
  • yeah…we dont serve fries here

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That’s a very bad idea

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Oh I know lol

I think it would be super cool if aquatics only popped up in (or around) the bodies of water that already display on the maps :slight_smile:

Here’s my list of WHATS for 2.3:

New Creatures

  • Minmi
  • Ankylocodon Hybrid
  • Alankylosaurus Hybrid
  • 2 Pure Fierce Unique Hybrids
  • Velociraptor Apex Creature

New Features

  • 4 New Arenas
  • Increasing Level Limit To 30
Drone Boosts

There would be three drone boosts:

  • Increasing Interaction Range for 20 minutes
  • Increasing DNA Per Dart For 20 minutes
  • Increasing Resource Rewards By 25% For 20 minutes (meaning how many coins, bucks, etc you get from supply drops and such)