Idgt902 Team challenge?

So I looked at his team on tourney leaderboard and this was his team.

Is he doing a challenge of some sort?

Probably just for fun

He do be kinda sussing ngl

That can’t be a tourney team as no epics or uniques.

I noticed similar for big river’s team. I suspected the number 1 ranked player was so far ahead of second place that with the imminent leaderboard reset tomorrow, they know their number 1 position is assured and are testing out obscure combinations just for fun.


I mean that looks like a pretty fun team keeps ‘em guessing

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Some players switch their team when they’re not actively battling so that people can’t look at their creatures and boost layout.


It doesn’t work like that anymore. When you check a creature stats from another player’s profile, it’ll show your creature’s stats. The only way to correctly see another player creature’s stats is during battle. I don’t know when they changed that, but I feel it was kina unnecessary.

Nope. They recently fixed it so you can see other people’s stats again. Go try it!


They unchanged this.

Just a secret. I don’t spend money on this game. It’s a waste.